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  1. Thyroid Nodules

    Ok, mYTHmAKER I will keep you posted. Does anybody know if yoga poses such as Shoulderstand and Plow(Sarvangasana/Halasana, the inversions) are ok for my condition? I searched all over the internet, and I can't find anything. It's said that inverted postures can bring the thyroid functioning back to normal, but they say nothing about nodules.Anybody on this?
  2. Thyroid Nodules

    mYTHmAKER, thanks for the address. I made a search and I found that this guy is pretty well known in the alternative medicine field in Greece, so I will contact him As for the fasting, has anybody tried the wheatgrass fasting which was developed by Ann Wigmore?
  3. Thyroid Nodules

    Karen, thanks for your advice. I know that the cure of anything is about treating the real cause of it and not the symptoms. This of course goes much, much deeper than the"take your medication" and "don't do this, that and also try this diet" stuff. This is my take on the particular problem after reading, thinking and watching my body reactions: The thyroid is the bodily equivalent of the 5th chakra. This physical body territory controls speech. I suspect that when someone is externally a very kind and quiet person, but internally is full of fear and repressed anger(that's where "kindness" comes from, because he/she is afraid, not because of real love, compassion, discrimination e.t.c), he/she "swallows" all the insults, the harsh events e.t.c of the everyday life. So, as the time goes by, the nodule is formed as the physical manifestation or intepretation of the trapped anger and fear. I have another notion, that thyroid disorders of this type also could happen to people who "talk too much", meaning that they critise others too much, or they are constanly involved in other people lives, messing them up. I guess that the first case(pathetic) is yin and the second yang. In the first case, the person does not know how to say no or [email protected]#$ off, to put it this way, to people who violate his/her limits or abuse him, and the second case is about people who violate and abuse others. So, apart from healing the symptoms, for the people of the first category the real cure is the building of self esteem and maybe of certain communicative skills, so that non desirable behaviour from other people(and the consecutive stressfull situations on the various organs, glands e.t.c) is avoided. In short, what could be called "emotional self defense". This of course could include some form of psychotherapy, so that the hidden roots of anger and fear would be revealed. So far, I stopped smoking, alcohol, coffee and I returned to a vegetarian(no eggs,meat,fish) diet. I'm practicing hatha yoga everyday(for the last 2 months), and I'm start to revert seriously to my meditation. Vortex and Smile, thanks so much! Could you be more specific about the quantity/ dose of the ingredients you list? I live in Greece, and it would be convenient if you could point some e-shop which could send the stuff to european countries also. mYTHmAKER, I'm thinking seriously of fasting. I tried it in the past, and it provided a calmness and a balance unknown to me then. Smile, could you provide an URL or information about coffee enemas? I know about internal/ colon cleansening, but in Greece we just drink the coffee... Enough for today. Thanks everybody
  4. Thyroid Nodules

    I knew that the bums would definetely come up with something. Thanks for all the wondeful replies so far. The nodule is not autonomus, meaning that it doesn't interfere with the hormone production. When I first discovered the nodule, doctors took some material from the inside of the gland with the aid of needles, something that usually helps defining if there are any cancer cells inside. In my case, the interior of the nodule is solid(that's why they can't drain it) but with some bleeding, which makes things a little "foggy". That is, maybe everything is ok, so I can safely keep the nodule without removing, or something bad is happening inside but we can't see it growing yet. This uncertainity is the main factor which points the doctors in the direction of removing. When I proposed that we remove only the right side(which contains the nodule), they told me that this will cause further problems. I think the left side will get bigger to compensate, but I don't exactly remember. I will search for it. I'd love to find a TCM doctor, but I live in Greece and it's hard to impossible to find one. There are doctors trained in accupuncture, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies. I have to go now, but later I will send another post, discussing some things that Karen says. I'm not asking for medical advice and guidance, and I'm mature and old enough not to follow blindly whatever I hese. But, in the place I live there is not any other opinion/option around apart from conventional medicine, and so I turn to this forum(which it has provided inspiration many times, even though these are my first posts) See you
  5. Thyroid Nodules

    There is a question which keeps toying in my mind for a while, and I 'd like your help. About one and a half year before, an examination revealed a nodule on the right side of my thyroid gland. The nodule was benign, but its size was 3.1-3.2 cm. That is considered huge. The opinion of all the doctors(of course I didn't ask only one), was that I should remove the whole gland. Some said immediately(because in their opinion nothing was going to change, which means that the nodule can't shrink), and some said that I could wait for a while. I searched the internet and asked all the medical experts I could, and everybody told me that if the operation is performed correctly(and the parathyroid or the vocal chords are not accidentally hurt), anything is going to be fine. I will take my medication for life, and everything else(mental and physical, exercise e.t.c) is going to be ok. Now, here is my question. As we know, the thyroid is the physical equivalent of the vishudi chakra(the 5th). In case I remove the gland and everything works out fine in the operation, is there going to be anything that hinders my spiritual evolution? Whether somebody practices energy - oriented(chi kung, pranayama e.t.c) or emptiness - oriented methods(like W.Bodri), there are things which must happen to the physical body during the transformations. Will the removal of such a vital gland hinder my progress, so that I get stuck to a point and not further? Or what is going to happen will happen anyway if I practice correctly? Please share your opinions and your views on the subject. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello

    Hello everybody. I' ve been here since October, and I have to say that this forum is great! I've got tons of advice and lots of new directions to investigate(Will Bodri and Yogani are unbelievable...). Thanks everybody, and here are some of my favourite links: This is the site of Kostas Danaos, and his martial art The books on pranayama and Kundalini are very nice Finally, find a copy of Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Hans-Ulrich Rieker. This is a very good book, which explains many of the controversies and the hidden meanings of the ancient text - which in my opinion is a practical- technical guide for the vast majority of the yoga path. Of course, he leaves out some crucial ingredients, pointing out for the need of a guru. But that's alright, because yoga at advanced stages can be quite scary and dangerous without someone who has tread the path himself.