Sleep experience - waking and dream state mixed

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Maybe you have experiences with weird sleep states and can share your stories or give some insight.



Every few months I have a peculiar sleep-related experience.

Interestingly, if I really intend to let energy act freely in the head, I get results, albeit often scary. I'm unsure whether it's a necessary fear-overcoming part of my journey or something less useful.


I had dreams. Not really nightmares, just some minor issue with a being pestering me, struggling a little, then regular dream scenes that didn't make too much sense, just some mixed stuff.


Eventually I woke up and I don't remember exactly in what kind of state I was, but I felt compelled to turn the light on. Then with the light on and my eyes open, I lay in bed, and suddenly I noticed how insanely tired I felt. Despite eyes open and lights on, I was really struggling to not fall asleep again, and for some reason I did try to avoid that. I guess my controlling mind wasn't at all comfortable with consciously witnessing the process of falling asleep.

It was clear to me that I needed to get out of bed and move if I wanted to avoid falling asleep like that, but when I had formed that thought, I already was in a weird state where I saw my room with the lights on just like a moment before, but it FELT like non-lucid dreaming. Just as if someone flipped a switch that said "dream consciousness". That moment felt a bit like endless loop logic, because afterwards I thought I had been dreaming that I tried to wake up. (Don't try to follow that line of logic, haha.)

After some reflecting... I might have fallen asleep with my eyes open for a few seconds. Basically, because I was so extremely tired (no idea why) and it felt like something was pulling me back into the sleep state, I couldn't avoid falling asleep, but I could keep my eyes open, because I was more conscious than what would be normal.

I would exclude that I had been disturbed in a vulnerable dream state, because my waking up felt natural and there were no noises.

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Sounds like a form of sleep paralysis. You're in the in between of the transition.


In your case, you have some muscle control, but not totally.


When I played with lucid dreaming a few year ago. It's normal for me to be in that state, especially in the afternoon nap.


From wikipedia.


Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. More formally, it is a transition state between wakefulness and rest characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness).

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Heh, heh sounds like those dreams where you think you woke up but you didn't. It's just another dream. Usually when you're so tired, you can't tell if you're asleep or not. You mind process slows down and it's easier to become overwhelmed with anxiety. Ever noticed how when you're really tired all of your negative thoughts come out?

Well, in this case it definitely wasn't all a dream, because I DID turn the lights on.


This night, I had another interesting dream state. Parts of my dreams were quite creative (some comedic scene and some music), and at one point I dreamt I was sitting in front of my TFT and it was flickering like hell. ... Do you know the phenomenon where when you close your eyes you have brightness pulsation in your vision? It can be explained electrochemically, but nevertheless, I had that after waking up from the TFT flicker dream.


BTW the comedic scene (doesn't make complete sense, but whatever) was about a cop who got his police car stolen right from under his nose. He was talking to the police station about something and then this dialogue ensued:

"Sorry, gotta stop here. Got a car-jacking."

- "What type of car?"

"... Eh... difficult to say."

- "Can we track it?"

"... Yes, I think so."


The joke was that it's difficult for him to say because he's a cop and it's his police car that got stolen. :D

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