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  1. Help please, rescue moon lady.

    Update: Current contestants: thelerner, zanshin, Daong, Friend and Unlearner. My transaction ID for this payment is: 4T466978UT419273E from paypal. I can only pay for one lifetime subsription. there is no way that I can pay for others. The owner of this board is obviously not interested in taking my money Anyone can help?
  2. Help please, rescue moon lady.

    Update information. I've having trouble with Paypal again. I've sent email to the mod team about paying with credit card or personal cheque two weeks ago. They haven't replied yet. As soon as they accept my subscription fee, I'll anounce the winner. Sorry about the delay.
  3. Electromagnetic Pollution and Qigong

    I'm a electrical engineer for about twenty years. I've spent a lot of time in the lab, where are roomful of electronic equipment. I'm sure the electromagnetic reading is over the roof. Yet I feel like being home. The "noise" of the fan humming is very comforting to me. I guess it all depends on what you're used to.
  4. perspectives on suicide

    I think it's common to have suicide thoughts in the spritual quest. Don't the peaceful lovely budhists insist you kill your own ego. Isn't that suicide? Didn't Jesus commit passive suicide? He knew that people out there to get him. He walked into his death. It's better be peaceful dead than sad alive. I think there are three body inside one person. if one body is out of sync with the rest, suicide thoughts would be put into your head. You can safely "kill" the old "self" while alive. I learned it from the "Secret of the Golden Flower". You need to reset yourself to download new program in another word.
  5. Being a badass bench presser, jing energy qigong

    It seems that the main point is to resist the force, keep yourself balanced. Deadlift and squats should be good for body if done with moderate weight and focus on whole body. I don't like dealift because it's a very complicated move. It takes years to do it correctly. And the chance of injury is very high. Squats is very good. That's why the horse stance!!! ( I have no personal experience with it)
  6. Rotating the Lower Dan Tien

    Is your LDT rotates by itself? How does it feel? Thanks.
  7. Being a badass bench presser, jing energy qigong

    According to TCM, the muscle (fiber) and tendon in a whole body is a SINGLE string (including your eyes and penis) !!! The length of the tendon is about fixed. The length of muscle can be changed by excercise. The muscle fiber length and distribution of muscle is very important. When a person gets older, the muscle fiber gets shortened, the person is actually shrink. There are two type of muscle. The regular bench pressing increase the fast twitch muscle and SHORTEN the muscle fiber. This is very bad according to CTM. The body wants go back to its regular length. The penis stretching is the easiest way. And the regular bench pressing produces lactic acid. Your chest and arm muscle want to get rid of the lactic acid. The lazy penis wants it as fuel. So natrually one wants to stretch ones penis and ejaculate to get rid of the lactic acid. If one does regular bench press, masturbation a long time and ejaculation actually help body. One should follow the natrual way. If one doesn't want the whole package, one should do the reverse bench press. It develop the slow switch muscle which is very good for Qigong. It LENGTHEN the muscle fiber without lactic acid build up. Use light weight. The important part is not press up. One should lower the weight slowly to resist the gravity. The going down part is the main event. p.s. fixed error from "CTM" to "TCM" Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  8. The Aikido hand excercises are excellent for open the arm meridian channels. The giving hand and receiving hand should both active equally. Take a breath, hold breath, and both hands push against each other to cause discomfort sensation along (slight pain, pressure) the line at certain part for five count. Then breath out and release the presure gradually. If one does it correctly, the discomfort sensation should turn into something feels better and travel along the line further. If your channel fairly open, the sensation from both hands should meet somewhere in the center line, front, back or top. Sadly, I didn't learn this from Aikido people.
  9. Herbal remedy for Kidney's

    Stop any practice that is designed to drain your kidney. Which practice do you suspect to drain your kidney?
  10. Philosophers...

    As long as they "support" my "truths", I don't see any problem. In my mom's world "I help you with your dream, you help me build mine."
  11. Looking for guidance.

    Welcome onboard. I'm sure you'll find tons of useful information here.
  12. ...

    I had shoulder blades frozen on my shoulder. It was a big solid mass (mess). The bone, tendon and muscle were bundled together. One can hit my shoulder with a hammer in certain spot, I wouldn't suffer damage or felt the pain. For about half year, I dedicated most my energy into fixing my shoulders. It was extremely painful. Sometimes, I just wanted to cut my shoulder off. The weed was the only thing to release the pain. Disclaimer: I enjoy weed for recreational purpose as well sometimes.
  13. Bye everyone and thanks for your help

    Good luck on your path. Report back any interesting finds please. So Long.
  14. Gary Chicoine Derail/Computer monitor penis size

    guys, keep this sort of comapring tool size talks in the locker room please.