Person archetypes (looks, mimics, behavior, speech)

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I occasionally notice this peculiar phenomenon, but it's difficult to find information about exactly what I mean:


Did you ever see a person and had the feeling it's someone else you know in that body? Like one or both of the following things apply:

- They look like their face has been taken from a blueprint of another person's face.

- Their demeanor, body movement and facial expressions remind you of someone else.


One example is Robbie Williams. His face, especially his mouth and the look on his face, the way he smiles, I have seen that 'archetype' in several other people. I can't remember popular counterparts I could link to, but have you ever seen a person who really doesn't look like Robbie Williams, but their face makes you feel it's him?


Another example: I watched a TV series and saw the actor Vanessa Zima (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0956528) and immediately thought: Is she trying to impersonate Alyson Hannigan or what? It was especially clear in that role in the show, but outside, it might still be noticeable to a lesser degree. Watch this video and tell me what you think:


What I find interesting is that those similarities can occur without any genetic connection between two people. Is it just coincidence, bound to happen among a big enough group of people? Definitely a huge and complex topic, but trying to figure out the reasons for those things can be fascinating.

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this is a topic I have had on mind and was ready to post it myself...

I have noticed that: in spite of the billions of people on earth, only a smaller sum total of "individuals" actually exist.... or so it seems.

I met my ex-fiancé's father in both NC and CA, except in California, he was someone else, with another family, another life, but the same demeanor, personality, and behavior.

If I hadn't known him for the year I spent in NC, I would have believed I knew him as someone else in CA.

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