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What many people fail to grasp is that these practices appeared on the scene thousands of years ago as a

complete science; since that time, human understanding of these practices has steadily declined with each

generation, not increased. Occasionally, maybe once in five or ten thousand years, humanity is blessed with a

new infusion of knowledge; usually, so the stories go, some avatar manifests and teaches his art to a few

chosen ones then disappears in the blink of an eye or the effort of a devoted practitioner reveals these

secrets. Inevitably the practices are gradually lost and become extinct. This is what happened to the Lei Shan

Dao in Tibet and India. This is the reality of the mountain we are faced with.


hmmm ... this sounds like the same message Master John Chang received during his two year seclusion! :( If

we think real teachers are rare now, it sounds as though the situation is much graver than even that. This is

something for us all to seriously reflect on; and let us hope the year 2012 witnesses a new infusion of "real"

knowledge from "real" people! :o

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