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  1. Shiva/Elohim put a lot of false paths on this planet. This person is an issue, ask your clones about him. Correction: Shiva doesn't put a lot of false paths. He is not an issue. He cannot be called up. He usually follows around the Illusion office in hopes of ending that office.
  2. Lord Hanuman is inter-organizational. He not part of the illusion office. He (and his clones) are not "overly bad". He can't be "called". I found out that Lord Shiva(his name is Matthew" is not a great demon either. All of these people, under normal circumstances, could not be called up. Try calling your Elders. Elders on this planet are usually long-armed humans. These are the people that the highest in your blood family line.
  3. Warning!!!

    Do not use mantras in order to call anybody. If you don't know the correct translation then do not use the mantra. The hundred syllable mantra to call the Vajrasattva/Monkey King/Scorpion King is a sabotage. It provokes a fight with him. I didn't use it for one was to long to remember. Alowhatever did not have the power to defeat him.
  4. Ask the baby program to teach you the mudra. Your lifetime memory device is collected and read every 24 hours. In one or two days you will get the mudra.
  5. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    The first underground level has a weather/gravity/earthquake/hurricane machine.
  6. So-called "Shiva" is not a lord. He is Elohim. The Jewish people referred to him as "RaEL"; that is not going to happen anymore. Do not call him. He is a great demon (Deva). Lord Ganesh is not a Maha Deva. He was an Elephant Man a long time ago. Lord Hanuman (Siddhartha Gautama's clone) was never a "big bully". He hasn't been on the surface since 2400 years ago. Parvathi is not to be contacted. She is the Goddess Selene. She is usually hired to restrain an abusive person that has blinded another person in the past. Do not contact these people. Most work for the illusion office (Parvathi doesn't work for this office).
  7. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Atlantis never existed. There are actual underwater nations. An Ice Age is actually manufactured and not natural.
  8. Rebirth????

    The skandhas are not what you think. This planet is not in different dimensions. There is only one situation that is called a rebirth. A person gets injected with something, then becomes a baby or fetus(white injection gun). The baby or fetus gets thrown in a woman's belly(brown injection gun). The word "god" means teacher.
  9. Ask a Jewish person about so-called "RaEl".
  10. People, ask what a "Ceasar" actually is. Sean Omlor, check the ip address. Elohim is not "an Elohim". Elohim is not a teacher. He is a great demon. People, ask a Jew about so-called "RaEl". Jesus is not the son of Elohim. DNA always decides towards the latest species in between the two parents. The Cro-magnon is the last species released to the public(400 million years ago). The actual latest species was never released to the public. Jesus has extremely big cheek bones. That species is not a Cro-magnon.
  11. Rebirth????

    Rebirth is a series of medical injections. The word "God" or "Ra" has roots in the word "teacher". The word "God" has been used too loosely. The land of the Contented Devas doesn't exit. A Deva is not a God. The Pure Lands doesn't exist. hungry ghosts don't exist.
  12. Scripture

    I've been trying to find a piece of paperwork that describes the 10 levels of "no thought". Does anybody have it?
  13. I'm in my 40s too. Most people in their 40s don't have the signs of aging. If the skin on the face grows leathery and skin on the upper chest gets nasty then you have gotten hit with an elderly shot or injection.
  14. Is your situation good enough at home where you could "break discipline"? I'll break discipline in a heartbeat. Try to get the latest inter-organizational profile. It'll help. I've been trying to get one, I'm having major difficulties with Shizophrenia. I found out hearing voices is actually subtle equipment. I got major problems from the Illusion office in the heavenly system.
  15. Females are Masons too. Check the "Eastern Star Masons".