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My Space Cencored Common Cause message

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I Have just received this notice from Common Cause. Does anyone here use My Space? If so what are you going to do about their conduct?


MySpace has censored our ad about the dangers of media consolidation.


Common Cause members have already sent tens of thousands of messages to the FCC - but in this final week before the deadline, we wanted to advertise on high-traffic websites to recruit new activists. Outrageously, MySpace told us that they "won't allow that to be shown." (The ad we submitted is below.)


Maybe MySpace doesn't want the word getting out about proposed changes to the ownership rules because they themselves are owned by a media conglomerate. In 2005, MySpace was gobbled up by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., which also owns Fox.


Their refusal proves our point: Big Media has too much control over what the public hears, sees and watches -- and we need to let the FCC know it.


While MySpace's decision is disappointing, there is still time to tell the FCC 'no more media consolidation' . But we need to move fast, and we need your input.


1. Go to CommonBlog and vote for the sites where you think we should place our ad. Time is short; we need to get this together in the next 24 hours.


2. If you are a MySpace user, put our ad up on your own Myspace page, or on any other website or blog you are active with.


3. Make a financial contribution. The more money we raise, the more outreach we can conduct. We need to show the FCC how important this issue is to the public.


Thank you for everything you do.






The Common Cause Media Reform Team

Lauren Coletta, Dawn Iype, Jon Bartholomew and Celia Wexler

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Firstly I would like to say that I know nothing about Common Cause or have any connection to it. Nor do I have any connection or affiliation with NewsCorp or any of its umbrella organisations. Im just one guy with an opinion. Perhaps not a very good one. So you probably shouldn't be reading this. But if you are then you know that I have absolved myself of all responsibility. If your politics is far right or far left don't come knocking on my door to give me a kicking for my commy/facist views. Ok lets get to the point.


The article grabbed my attention for many reasons but any piece that suggests a donation at the end I instantly become sceptical about. They typically pull at the heart strings and promise world destruction unless I do something like email ten friends or send money. I have done neither and I am awaiting the forth coming apocolypse.


The 'Common Cause' sounds like a very worthy organisation to join. If they have the right motives. I would need to look into this further but quite frankly I have more interesting things to do.


I didn't see the ad they were trying to put on MySpace but I suspect a bit of easy NewsCorp baiting to create a story. It would be much better if we could see the advert and decide for ourselves if MySpace were not justified in running it. It would bolster the credibility of any censorship/control claim.


I agree with the belief that NewsCorp may have bought MySpace not purely for the advertising revenue gained. They will also be running their own advertising selling products and services under the NewsCorp umbrella. Its also a good way to monitor what the 'yoof' are into. They will be the first to know about new trends like fashion and music. Much of the latest/coolest things had their roots in MySpace. NewsCorp will be among the first to find the newest talents. This is priceless for them. Imagine what bands they will be able to sign before they become big.


Is there any evidence of censorship in MySpace profiles? Regardless of what advertising they refuse to run, is there any evidence of clear censorship? For example, has anyone with opposing beliefs had their profile closed/edited? Not for swearing but giving coherent and articulate views against NewsCorp?


Probably not.


Then the censorship is not on the people but the advertisers. If this is true then 'Common Cause' has created an issue to raise awareness of a problem that doesn't exist. You must ask their motives for this. Sure NewsCorp is a giant for right wing propaganda but are they at a stage of silencing the people?


I think your freedom of speech and expression will still exist as long as we have an open and free internet. But you will see a much more specialised marketing campaigns from MySpace. And you will see more corporations gobbling up the innovators of the internet.


If there was censorship, then the people who are being censored will find another outlet to share their views and beliefs. Thats why I am so grateful for things such as forums being open source software. Its free and anyone can create one.


This post has been edited for waffle, bullshite, and random profanity

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Dera MF-


The issue was created by the activties of Big Corporate Media trying to have a Binding RULE passed BY THE FCC, that would allow them to further tighten their grip on web content. Common Cause has opted to make this issue one that they address.


(A view of one of their ads can be seen at the bottom of my art biz's web-site's front page - )


As a founder and President of a Not for Profit organization, I can attest to the cold need to ask for funding at every opportunity. There is never enough money to counter the interests of those who wallow in wealth and power, yet would take these things and more, away from us.


On a personal level, I lost a dear friend when his family sold out their Media interests to Murdock several years ago and I chastized him for it. They got 5 billion for the media outlets they sold to him. That sort of wealth is hard to turn down.


It is the way of the world and it is very hard to sway opinions on any issue. But the knowledge to choose and react is an important element in the equation. Common Cause has served to make me aware of several issues that I would not have even known about if it weren't for their activities.

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Thanks for your reply Wayfarer64,


I took a look at the advert. It seems fairly harmless and I guess it wouldn't look out of place on the guardian website.


The only reasons I can think for them not running the ad is that it my be percieved as a hate campaign targetting Britney Spears. Thats not necessarily a bad thing :D , but anything that could be percieved as a personal attack on someone will of course not be run.


Oh and it might not have been run because it could have been seen as a targeted slur on NewsCorp. But I think that was your point ;) . Or maybe they have a policy of not running ads that are very political? Otherwise far right groups would also be able to advertise.


If we could see the full content of the email/letter and the stated reasons for the rejection then it would be easier to make an informed decision on the validity of the claims of 'Common Cause'.


I have to be perfectly honest here and I hope that my words dont offend anyone but the 'Common Cause' marketing team are doing no favours for themselves with the way they are presenting their image.


When I first read the post I got the impression that it was a typical far left activist group looking for a cause. They baited MySpace as an easy target. Its not unknown for activist groups to do this to create media attention. Lets be honest without the MySpace incident we wouldn't be talking about them now.


If you have any affiliation with them then perhaps a gentle word about their marketing methods would help them a lot.


If I had been given the story, then the advert and finally a copy of the rejection letter they would be a far more credible organisation. I might even have donated.


I am quite happy to give suggestions or advice to your organisation and/or common cause. I have a university Degree in business and I also run my own webstore Any advice given will of course be free of charge.


Sorry for my spelling its 23.45 and im quite tired

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This has been a topic here in the USA for a while... how the largest media giants are trying to convince the Federal Communications Commission and Congress to give them more control of/over web content. Basically trying to make it so the highest paying customers get faster/better services. IE , If you buy advertising with Yahoo, you get faster connections etc...


By denying the ad MySpace is pre-empting part the decission that is to be made in the next several hours. The campaign to raise consciousness about the issue has been around for several weeks. The My Space incident is just one recent example of the fight being waged.


It is the last day before the axe falls as it were, this campaign has not been directed overseas, so that may be part of the problem you are having catching-up - as it were with what this intails... even tho - if Common Cause and it's (MY also) allies fail, you too will get worse service and a more obvious lack of content where-ever you may be, when trying to access sites going through the various media fighting for the "pay to play" scenerio...

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