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  1. The level of satisfaction is also gained in the amount of choice we have! More choice does not always equate to more satisfaction! But the quality of choice does! I love this website and haven't been on it for a while. The speech for me is business related. For example you can sell a person a new car and offer a preservative wax wash. If they don't buy it, when it rains, they will be wishing they had. So send out marketing materials at the right time and you stand a good chance of making a sale. On a relationship level. Giving choices is always better than ultimatums. For example 'you cannot do this because' always elicits negative reaction whereas 'you can either do this, or that' consistently gives better results. Even though you have still ruled out what the person is trying to achieve. Pretty basic NLP really.
  2. What exactly is Enlightment

    Knowing our lives are plays, we are the actors. There is a beginning, middle and end. We are only just 'playing', temporary, until the curtain comes down. Don't take it too seriously. Is it a comedy, tragedy, are you the lead or a bit part? Knowing your true nature is that which cannot be named.
  3. I've ran out of words...

    The angry ones come and go. Anger can't be maintained for long. I have seen lots of people come and go like this on our forum. I have also seen the carpet bagger's pimp their wares on here many times and when they get mute response, condemn us all to hell! One mans art is an others porn. I removed myself from the forum for a long time. When I first joined it was so fresh and open, with people supporting and encouraging each other. But it also had seeds of problems which remind me of Yin Yang. People, blowing smoke up each others asses, convinced their path is the only path. Its got a lot worse over the last few years as we got bigger. I put forward a suggestion of making many sub forums but I am glad this didn't happen so we have to congregate together or good or worse. This makes it very messy a lot of the time but also creates gems sometimes. I have been introduced to some amazing people! Most notable xuesheng and Stigweard. They always seem to voice my thoughts far more articulate than I can. But I also appriciate others opinions even if I disagree. Ok Darin found the video porn. I never saw it. If the moderators and admin agreed then it should be removed. Its their forum. Threatening to leave seemed a little childish like taking your toys away unless we all play your game. The forum is bigger than anyone person. Although it was interesting to see how many people begged you to stay. Quite an ego boost no doubt. But you find that a lot on forums. Masters and subjects in a structured hierarchy that normally bares no resemblance to 'real life'. His reaction to Darin was interesting too. Really incoherent and volatile. Rumours of heavy drinking could be plausible. He would have been better to have said little and let the forum do the talking. After all, isn't that what a forum is for?
  4. Very cool idea, what jah all think?

    Firstly you need to get a list of people up for it. Then one person has to organise the pass around so that it travels the shortest distance between people, saving postage costs. For example, passing through west to east coast US then through the UK, then Europe. Everyone gets a list of users and who they are passing to. When it comes to pass on, simply PM the user for their address. That way the full addresses are never collected by a single person. The one organising the route only needs info of town and country. I think a personal hand written and private message could be added to the box. If you seal it and put 'do not read' then thats fair or you can let others read it. Put me down for it!
  5. Edited: Celibacy Health Dangers?

    Thats pretty amazing! I have read on here before people who are doing similar practices are masturbating to the point of ejaculation then pinching the tip of their penis so nothing comes out. That way they get retention and orgasm. But there is a problem. I have read that some get a backflush of semen into the bladder and this causes infection. Also the muscles and 'tubing' get damaged because of the unnatural practice. So you cant really have your cake and eat it. I can't say if this will happen to all and I have never retained longer than 9 days. At that point I had serious nut ache and had to release just to relieve the pain. The first few days I was really aroused and anything would get my thoughts on sex. My personal opinion is that ejaculation is as natural as taking a shit, burping or even dying. Its like anything, too much or too little can be damaging. Our society is hyper sexed and I think without being exposed to marketing and media our sex drives would be much less. So maybe reduction has more benefits than abstinence. But thats my personal opinion and I wish you all the best on your journey.
  6. The Zeitgeist addendum movie is pretty good. Some of it is over simplified and heavily biased but its pretty much the best out there for giving clarity and an open perspective. Making me wonder who and how did it get out? Its the flipside of economics and should be mandatorily taught at university but i cant see that happening!
  7. Aren't the west in massive debt to the Chinese, and other expanding countries? From what I remember we have trillions owed in debt to them. If we each have each other by the balls is this a good thing? Would you go to war and wipe out someone who owed you money? It makes no sense to call the debt in when you can live of the interest for decades and keep them in perpetual debt. All interesting stuff and it will be very interesting to see how it pans out.
  8. Hi, One thing that has puzzled me this week is the billions that will be used to shore the banks and financial institutions up. Where has it all come from? I can only guess that the Bank of England will flood the UK with a massive amount of virtual money i.e. in paper and electronic form and not backed up by gold reserves. If they do this, then they could in theory inject any amount they want. But surely this is going to lead to hyper inflation making our currencies worthless? From what I understand, we have been living off IOU's, loans from banks who take loans from bigger banks and this goes in circles. All taking bigger and bigger risks for better returns. What held it together was the faith in the IOU that the bearer of the debt was capable of paying it back. They got too greedy selling mortgages to people in the US and someone realised that they couldn't possibly make payments. So started to pull back the lending. It went like dominoes, when that faith went people realised it was going to run through the financial system so panic selling happened. Now there is no faith in the banking system that relied so heavily on it. I can just about understand why the money has dissapered but I am stumped as to where the money is coming from for the bailout and what effect it will have. For those "one world gov't/bank" believers out there, Gordon Brown has been saying only this week that we need a Global authority which would regulate all financial systems worldwide. I studied business and economics at university. Its fascinating to follow the developments but I realise how complex the financial markets are and how tied together they have become. Perhaps the problem is and always has been that those in the financial sector are self regulating. They create the rules of the game. Any opinions or thoughts always welcomed.
  9. xuesheng and stigweard have it spot on Guess what, no matter how many cans of beans you store if the SHTF you would only have food for a couple of months max. But, if you learn to hunt, fish and cultivate crops then you can sustain yourself! That's if you make it alive out of the towns and cities and are prepared to kill for what little resources you have. It will make life a lot more interesting for sure and maybe I will feel like a real man, living out my nature instead of enjoying constant back pain from being a desk jockey shuffling paper. Who knows, maybe a fairer and more just society could come out of it if there was a purge of the establishment. That's why I am convinced it would never go that far. The establishment e.g. rulers and the rich would never allow society to disintegrate to the level where they are equal among men. They have to and will protect their interests. Society of some form would continue even if the SHTF economically. It would take something like a global plauge to destroy it.
  10. Beware the HORRIFYING DANGERS!

    True. I can speak of personal experience from my own practice it can worsen mental health. I would not teach internal arts to the mental health patients I work with as it would tip them over the edge. I think it is quite easy to lose your mind with these practices unless you are grounded. Just take a look on here and see how many people are claiming all sorts of mystical powers when they are not throwing killer chi balls!
  11. Hi, Embryonic breathing is actually really simple and straight forward. The book looks daunting as its so big but that is because it holds a lot of ancient translations for method. Get the additional DVD and it makes it a lot easier to understand. Sign up to my forum: I have a private page on this practice alone. Once you sign up I will get you or anyone else in if they are interested in practicing.
  12. Wayfaring - Anyone Else

    Escaping the matrix! It can be painful and liberating at the same time. Only thing is that you can't get back in. Its a one way trip. The people outside the herd are the innovators, leaders, and creative people that push humanity further. Without them we would still be in the dark ages! Problem is that its quite a lonely existence. We need people on the outside who can look in and independently judge our actions. They are the change makers. The people who break down the barriers to race and religion.
  13. I experienced Sleep Paralysis

    I had a few similar experiences and posted them on here before. It was pretty frightening. Like I almost died. Shut everything else off and the light was about to go out. I got too scared to practice anymore in case I did actually die. Plus people on here recommended that I get a teacher. Apparently whats on the other side of that is not always friendly. So guidance is needed. I think with these sorts of things you can go too far and end up losing your mind or even worse dead. So I don't want practice that anymore.
  14. The Girl Who Silenced The World For 5 Minutes

    Vortex is right: "It's easy to remain blissfully ignorant. Less easy to make speeches railing against the status quo. And much harder to actually devise better solutions. But, the last is what actually creates the real change." Her speech was awesome but unless it offered solutions its not much use. There are solutions out there. But lets be honest. They won't happen because the people in control will not change the system. Hell, they created the system for their own benefit. Why would they want to change it? Even if they could see the long term effects. If the world goes to pot. Who will be on the shuttles off to space? The last survivors? And guess who they are going to blame. Mans greed far outweighs his need!