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To my fellow brothers and sisters

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It seems that as of late there has been alot of questions concerning this path and that path so I thought I'd start a thread and share my opinions on a few actual teachers that I've met or at least had experience with.


1. Hundun-he's a member here on the bums. I've met him and practiced under him a few times but then life got in the way and so did many other cliche excuses. If you are in the Sacramento area, look no further. My first actual qi experience was with him and it was life changing.


2. Santiago-he's a member as well although I dont think he's active here anymore. I know he has the goods. He runs a KAP program. While I havent tried KAP, I know he's the real deal because he sent me a special gift from a few thousand miles away.


3. Ron Hoffman-he's in Florida. He's amazing. I experienced fa jing for the first time and while delighted, I was scared to death lol. The temple style tai chi system is one of dedication. It's not easy by any means.


I've had email conversations with a few other masters but what I'm sharing involves qi manifestation etc.


Anyone else have any experiences they'd like to share?


Also, I would like to add that they all 3 mentioned that the secret ingredient was to practice.



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