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A quick hello!

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Hi everyone,


Well, I'm new here obviously! :)


I have been studying buddhist thought/philosophy for some time, primarily the Pali Nikayas and Tibetan Dzogchen, some 6 yogas of Naropa studying, and some Mahamudra as well.


I have also been studying Ramana Maharshi & Nisargadatta Maharaj's viewpoints on Advaita Vedanta. I own 3 different versions of the Prasthanathrya: V. Panoli, Swami Sivananda and Swami Ghambhirananda's versions!


Finally, I have Te-Tao ching copies from Mr. Hendricks: The Ma-wang Tui discovery and the 1993 bamboo slip discovery as well.


Currently, I want to see what understanding of Buddhism Adi Sankara went against in his Brahma Sutra Prasthanathraya commentary. In other words: What did Sankara know about the 4 schools mentioned in the Brahma sutras commentary and what did they teach?




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