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Harmonious Emptiness

former thread on a Confucian classic

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what is 樂間.....???


Okay, now that the thread has been moved if you would like to discuss this


樂 means harmony, music, happiness, and other such things

間 means space, empty space, the space between things


Together they could mean various things, of which you can quite easily surmise on your own, being such a master of Classical Chinese. You have attempted to correct me with your bold derisive style every time I talk about Classical Chinese characters, yet every time, after long and arduous discussion with you and your overly fixed ways of understanding, I eventually realize that I was right in the first place. As I see you would like to go through this exercise again, I have moved the thread so as not to bring such discussion into it.


If my communication style seems strong right now, consider your actions here. I started a topic on a very pure and inspiring text, and the first comment on it is none other than you starting a Chinese language battle with me in an attempt to once again prove your superiority in this field, likely to end, as usual, with you being wrong, after much of your bold and derisive "you don't know shit because you don't know (the few arbitrary rules of) Chinese Classical grammar (that I do)."


Sorry Chi Dragon, but that is not a suitable conversation to start off with in this thread, and if you or yiming want to attack me for not being Chinese, writing Chinese, or acting Chinese enough, then start a new thread next time.


As this thread has already been destroyed by this topic of conversation, go ahead and dust it up as you so wanted to do. Prove to me once again, oh great Classical Chinese master, that your claim to grammatical superiority is not all you think it is.


Congratulations, your might has already destroyed the topic and thread. Now, will it destroy my use of these characters? No, it won't.. But congratulations anyways.

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