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Yin Yang Elixir: -Holy Grail-

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You will need:

  1. One bottle of Clean drinking water [Distilled-ok]
  2. One Pure [as pure] Gold Coin (Yang+)
  3. One Pure [as pure] Silver Coin (Yin-)
  4. One Empty Dark Glass Container
  5. One Candle or [portable] Oil Lamp (any color)

Clean the Coins with an Antiseptic- [Alcohol]


After Circulating your Qi...

[hands should feel 'that' glowing sensation]


Take the Gold Coin, and pass it close over the candle flame.


Too far away will cause black carbon smudge


Do this briefly, just enough to make the coin, hot.

Gold will melt if left over the flame too long.


Drop the coin immediately into the glass container, filled with clean drinking water.


This should cause a slight sizzle.

If not, dry it, and do it again


--Now do the exact same procedure with the Silver coin.



Afterwards- seal the dark, glass container.


Check when there will be a Full Moon.


The same [preferred] Day of the Full Moon, keep the dark Container in Direct Sun Light


The container should feel relatively hot, afterwards


Now, leave it out in Direct Full-Moon Light


The container should feel relatively cool, afterwards.


Store this container in a dark area, room temperature.


On New Moon [no Moon is visible]:


Circulate your Qi.


Upon completion:


Place your Left Palm [Lao Gong Points] over the Solar Plexus/Middle Dan Tien...


Visualize The Sun encompassing your Solar Plexus, and the Golden Lux/Light expanding to the area behind you-- the Right Shoulder Blade and about 24 Inches away/outwards.

[This is an Assemblage Point]

Read About This, Here:




Simultaneously... placing your Right Palm on the Top of the Glass Container.


Breathe-- Inhale 'into' Solar Plexus/Left palm

[from center of Cosmos/'Sky"]- Exhale out through Right Palm.


Visualize the Emanating Golden Coloured, Qi Mist... Entering the Top of the Glass Container.

-Positive Ions-

[*Will* the Qi to remain in the container]


This is Yang Qi



This Liquid should 'feel' like it is buzzing with Electrical Energy/Vibration



Now, for the Yin Filling.

-Negative Ions-


Place your Right Palm over the Lower Dan Tien


I want you to Expand this Lower Dan Tien, so that it also Expands down to the Root Chakra, and past the Pelvis & Kwa points and Leg Meridians-- deep inside the Earth.


Place your Left palm on the Bottom of the Glass Container.


Inhale through Earth, Feet, Legs, Kwa, Pelvis, Hips, Intestines, Sacrum, Coccyx and Lower Dan Tien... and Exhale out through Left Palm Lao Gong Point.


This is Cool, Silver, Magnetic Qi Mist.


Upon completion- store Container in a Dark Area.



This is your Yin/Yang Elixir.

-Holy Grail-


Alchemical Procedures can [sometimes] also include Male/Female Copulation Sexual Liquids

[Not Solo Porn Masturbation- Yang Nor Yin]


Whenever you Circulate your Qi-

Keep the Container within your Aura's reach/distance...


If you do Standing QiGong- keep the Container between your feet.


If you perform Kunlun - either place the Container on your Upper Left Palm, or Under your Chair/or between your feet.


This is similar to a tincture that's 'Homeopathic', in that- when the amount starts to dwindle, you can refill it with bottled water, again.


It will not dilute- no matter how much remains prior to the re-filling


No need to keep re-doing the original procedure

[as long as you keep the container within your aura's reach, while circulating your Qi]


So, what do I do with this stuff, now?


You can:

  • drink
  • anoint
  • heal
  • destroy
  • Shaktipat- short/long distance

Put it on:

  • people
  • children
  • animals
  • plants
  • magickal ritual items
  • wardrobe
  • wear as an attraction perfume
  • orgone capacitors
  • Florida Water/banishing/cleansing

Use it as a Foundational Base, and add other properties to it for:

  • astral travel
  • candle magick
  • incense forumla creations
  • anoint sigils
  • scrying mirrors
  • radionics
  • psychotronics
  • dowsing
  • divination

Use Your Imagination, Intention & Will...

Always good to the last drop!



Courtesy of: 1 Future Excerpt from:

"ChiCraft" BY Me :)


© SaToGa/sǝuoɾ oɐp

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OK, people who died from drinking this can't respond in this thread so let's do a roll call






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We finally know what we need to pour inside the grail



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Power Rangers!!!


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