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Entity/EMI/Telekinesis Alarm: Easy Construction

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Entity/EMI/Telekinesis Alarm


Invented out of necessity, by myself...



This has a multitude of functions.



Easy & cheap construction.



If your house is "haunted".. or you are practicing Telekinesis...



Or projecting Qi, for whatever reason...



Consider making one of these contraptions...




Excerpt from my book:


"Sons of Liber Typhon"

By SaToGa


I invented an

Electro-Magnetic Pendulum’.


[Figure 4]




It sits in my temple, alone, grounded, shielded, and off to the corner.


It is composed of a dry cell battery, a stand which hangs a metallic ring, within a loop of wire.


If the slightest electromagnetic ‘sensation’ comes within a few feet of this sensitive, but ugly looking contraption...

the wire holding the swinging ring will make a

circuit connection with a buzzer.


This is my alarm, alerting me

that an EMI &/or PSI field has ‘breached the area'

& entered the Temple space…and wants


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Might sound a bit cheesey --but...


If you have this contraption, sitting on a table, over in the corner - without being in the crossfire of air conditioning, vibration, pets, or window/door vacuum/drafts...




It is 3AM.. and this thing starts screeching...


You wake up, and check it out-- you can tell...

something "just isn't right..." :)

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