Marks of Glory

Vancouver: British Columbia

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I don't live there, but...


Be sure to check out the Chinese Garden


Also . The owner is quite knowledgeable, and if you show some interest in all of it he might offer for you to try some teas and tell you a bit more about gong fu cha. No need to pay for that, but you might want to buy something small anyway.


The Jimi Hendrix museum was pretty cool too. He lived in Vancouver for a while when he was younger, with his grandmother. The chicken shack she owned is now like a small shrine, and the hotel next door is now a rooming house for students. Was kind of cool to see. Just some people keeping the history alive, with a can for donations. Her house down the street is an official historic site :) .


Also check out Gastown, Stanley Park, and Beach Avenue/the beach.


The downtown area is fairly small so you can walk from one end to another in about 45 minutes.


Watch out for Hasting street on the way to China town. A lot of drug crime goes on there, but it's just one street and it's pretty open. Compared to a lot of places in the US, it's nothing really.. Just avoid drawing attention to yourself when you walk through it.


It does get a bit chilly at night (maybe 12-17C), even in the summer, but the winters rarely get below about 8C.

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Lovely town (at least it was when I was in the area).


I used to visit there whenever I had the chance when I was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA.

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Thank you for the info brothers!


actually, I am planning in making a trip in one year's time.. I am savingo some money...

and I was planning trying to get a working visa.


I am planning in living bout 2 years there so that I can study some martial arts in Shou Yu Liang gong fu school...

I am studying mandarin so it would be perfect if a rented a house in chinatown to practice it.


I was searching for someone from Taobums that lives there so that I can get a work permit easyer... to get the working visa it helps infinitely if you have a job offer from someone from Canada - Vancouver...


well.. Thank you for the info.. I will defenetely note those things down...





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