Who are you, truely?

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I've noticed how allot of people tend to think in terms of "reducing the ego." To make it less or to attempt to reach egolessness.


becoming egoless in a sense, is part of the ego. It is a trick of the mind, to give you what you want. The mind can only give what it has! It is you who must consider wether or not the mind really has what you want. The ego is afraid that if it is not able to satisfy you, that you will annihilate it.


Being egoless is not like that at all. You will infact have greater care for all ego. You will truely choose whats best for all ego's involved, in a constant state of knowingness, of being without ego and knowing you are egoless. Not in a state of "becoming egoless" but rather a state of "BEING egoless". A state where you have realized, you never have been the ego, are not the ego and never will be.


There is a huge diffrence here. Being egoless, you realize, you never have been the ego. The ego may be, even as you are egoless! There is only remembrance of the egolessness that you are and a recognition of that. There is no fighting/resistance/denial against the self. Infact, letting go of your ego is about FREEING YOUR EGO! Not enslaving it... You have never been your ego, so as you pretend to be it is like unto a hand holding tightly unto a pet. The hand manipulates and controls the pet and when things go wrong, the hand feels responsible and even TIGHTENS its grip on the pet. The hand is you, the pet is your ego. If you stand out of its way, it will naturally do the best thing for all involved.


Some of us have gone so deep that we even try to control other ego's through the control of one ego! Ok, this may sound difficult to understand for you, or hard to face, but it is important to become aware of this fact. Because once you do, it will feel so inlogical to experience guilt. So if you want to let go of the physical reality vibration of guilt, read on.. Like all habits becoming conscious and unconscious becoming but a consciously perceived 11 letter word part of your creation.


You might wonder by now, if I'm not the ego, then who am I? As the being who is pretending to be the ego, who am I? So, here it goes... I'm now going to tell you the truth of who you really are! Are yo ready? No worries... You don't need to understand it right away:


You are like unto the greatest King in all of existence, with servants as loyal as in the eternal sense of that very definition. You have abducted one of your own servants and you now hold on to that servant very tightly, as you manipulate and FORCE this servant into giving specific orders to all the other servants. As servants approach you, you take your abducted servant and hold it in front of you, hiding behind it. Using it as a puppet. As this abducted servant fails to behave in the way you want it to behave you begin to feel guilty for what you have done. It turns into anger and you tighten your grip on the abducted servant even further! This eternally loyal servant is now suffering from your attempt to control this servant (who is loyal to you; to eternity). All other servants are not able to serve you any longer, because you are hiding behind the one servant you abducted! Its hard to let go the servant, because we feel stuck in guilt. So we deny that we even abducted the servant. We deny that we are holding unto this servant. We even deny that we FORCE this servant to bear the weight of your crown, which it is not designed to do. Surely, at some point, we started to pretend that we are the servant in all of its suffering and agony. How much further can we go?


Forgive your self, sincerely, because all of existence has already forgiven you. It is you, who has yet to forgive yourself and let go of the ego... You are not the servant. Let go of it... Let it go... Only then can you truly see the servant to be for what you have truly created him to be for! To serve you

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The ego is just a thought that distinguishes you from others that's necessary for physical interaction in the material world.

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