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  1. Loneliness is Killing MEE!

    I'm deeply lonely. I have class rooms full of students, a number of social clubs I can pick and choose from, i get attention where ever i go. But very few people to connect with on a deep level of intimacy. I believe this simply comes with time. What's also interesting is I crave connecting with people in deeply "spiritual" ways that my teachers have connected with me, and i mean out of this workd ways, but that is even more rare than the simple time tested intimacy friendship. A few long time fellow students and practitioners, a couple family members, no single soul mate, the soul mates I've found are my best students and my teachers. On the rare occasions that we reconnect along those spiritual lines, it is truly a marvelous feeling!
  2. Silence is bliss

    Speech is blasphemy! Silence is a lie! Above speech and silence, there is a way out!
  3. Silence is bliss

    Your words are a stake to which donkeys are fastened.
  4. Body of U.S. teen found at Peru ayahuasca retreat

    Real Spirit Travel. An Unfortunate accident that puts negative contemporary attention upon ancient practices of soul journey through ethnobotatnic pathways.
  5. *the words are equally reading you*

    “Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.” -Rumi “Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty.” -Rumi
  6. Energetic Qualities of Amber

    *bow* thank you Taomeow!
  7. What do you want out of your practice?

    Without minimalizing the state of consciousness that practice induces, including the external influences you describe (living in the mountains)... It stands to reason the preexisting CONDITION of (wo)man is the reason why practice transforms consciousness regardless of the external influences which surround the practitioner.
  8. Energetic Qualities of Amber

    Seeking forum members advice and experiences with amber. I have never worked with it. I understand it will hold a static charge. Fascinating that a number of things can be suspended in amber including ancient bugs, plants and even water?
  9. New Age Bunnies

    Gravity sucks.
  10. Roll Call : Portland, Or Taobums?

    I've landed back in Portland after a summer of adventure. Portland Roll Call?
  11. Have You Ever Dined @ the Table of the Immortals?

    Ask the right questions, get the right answers!
  12. No man's land

    Nothing's the Matter
  13. Windows to the soul

    A flock of strange birds.