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Consciousness: Divided/Gathered: Multiple TimeLines

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From my research, and personal experience.


We/I exist on multiple time lines.


Once I can thoroughly 'grok' this, then I, can work with it...


Elusive...[like nailing a chunk of jello, to a wall]


Non-linear 'time pendulum', swings forward, backward, and side-to-side


I can 'connect' to my past, future and present 'alternates' [side-to-side]


I look in a mirror, and shatter it to pieces- I exist in each fragment, now




I scatter the pieces, but, I am 'still there, but in different positions'


In meditation, I summon 'My Selves'...


I choose/Will-- to 'tap into the consciousness stream of 1 of my future selves'


Once I establish a 'link', I siphon from that Golden Body~


That is my best teacher, because He/She(?): knows best, of what I "need"


Should one of my selves, pass me, as I walk down the alpha highway ... 'we know'...



[the meeting, of mind(s)]

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Very cool...


With infinite possibilities... How do you tell "who" is ahead?



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