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  1. Pilgrim - Please stop spamming other people’s threads with these ongoing posts. If you want to make up stuff about cults and other comments, feel free to send them to me directly in a pm, or just start your own anti Jeff thread of your own. The OP posted looking for answers and I responded. Also offered to help. I believe that if someone asks for help, you should help and not let people needless suffer when you know the answer. It is as simple as that. oh yes, and Merry Christmas P.s. Apologize in advance for all of those offended by holiday cheer and Merry Christmas statements.
  2. Haha. Super secret cult statistics. Honestly, anyone who has the ability to remotely connect to other beings can easily do the stats if they want. And even all the people who warn about me here will admit I can do that. Which is why they are warning about me in the first place...
  3. Anyone open above the 5th or higher chakra can easily verify/feel the energy issues for the OP. It is very obvious as the OP radiates it.
  4. Not at all. The OP has already made the choice. Simply stating the facts. By less than 10%, I meant specifIcally 8.8% of living humans currently have opened their hearts to have some conscious level of energy flow. Transmitting specifically like with the OP would be about 5.5%.
  5. Always remember that much less than 10% really have any idea what you are talking about. Many book readers here, but very few with any real clarity or energy flow.
  6. I do not hug them unless they say it is ok. As in the example in this thread, I asked because I believe that it would help the OP with the issue. But, since the person has not asked, I have not. I also suggested working with the goddess Tara given the zen comment, and made the empowerment available. It will take some work for the OP to connect with Tara, but with the level of his energetic opening, it is possible. I just made it easier if so interested.
  7. I would like to suggest that we all just let it drop. No one needs to bother with defending me. And yes, warnings around the impact of doing advanced energy work are valid. The energy/light dives deep into the subconscious, so stuff is always bound to come up. Additionally, there is nothing to me to sell, people either feel it or not. Totally up to them. I do not enter anyone’s space unless they ask. In the past, when there were negative entities involved, I may have jumped in, but those are the old days.
  8. Because I have done actual remote energy work with hundreds of people. If you read my personal section you will see my explanations. These kinds of comments have been going on for years. Also, I have never been an AYP practioner, though I am very familiar with the system and issues around it. I have commented many times on problems/concerns with it, and openly debated Yogani on the topic. My initial background was more mystical Christianity, and I have hundreds of posts on the topic here at the bums. But now is more of a blend of Taoism, Kashmir Shaivism & Mystical Christianity, and I have 1000s of posts on my system/approach and the issues around it.
  9. Can simply feel your energy transmission at the heart and noticed the issues/obstructions. It is not about visualizing, as that is making it up in your mind. It is about actually connecting to the being. This is why an actual living teacher becomes so critical, as that gives you a basis for “holy shit”... I can actually feel the other person in my space, and then easier to believe that a higher being would help (connect with you). It is more important to trust and know in your heart, then create some image. This response includes the empowerment for accessing the goddess Tara. Quiet your mind, know it in your heart, and call out for her help and guidance. An open heart with loving trust is the key. Embrace it all.
  10. In Taoist terms it would be more like the middle dantien is not yet full, and so not yet Shen energy. You are blocking any energy connections with your broader environment, and that build up creates the body issues and feelings that you describe. Like you have some deep fear of outside energies. What kind of religion? If Buddhist, someone like the goddess Tara would be a good fit. Connecting to her with more classical tantric or Dzogchen Buddhist techniques. It is also possible for experienced teachers to remotely work with you, the issue is more related to your being able to trust someone, as it would be dealing with the fear of outside energy that is creating the problem in the first place. If you want, I can send you a remote “hug” to see if you feel anything, and how it makes you feel? Just be aware, many members here have concerns about remote energy stuff.
  11. Congratulations, while challenging at first, this is all a very positive sign. Your heart is open and you are actively transmitting energy. But, the issue is more that you are starting to subconsciously connect to your local environment and the people around you. In chakra terms, you have a blockage the throat chakra and have subconscious issues and fears of these “outside” of your body connections. Normally at this level you would start to work with other high level teachers to help make these outside connections more conscious. It is also possible on your own to help break open these blockages by working with divine beings (as many traditions do). Do you have any specific tradition or divine being you trust/believe in? Also, since you are more transmitting, a more receptive type being (classically female) would be easiest for you to work with on such things.