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  1. Connection between tao and christianity

    I think you may be confusing the Gospel of Thomas with some other book/gospel. The Gospel of Thomas was found at Nag Hammadi in 1945 with a large number of ancient Christian documents. The Gospel of Thomas does not describe (or deny) Jesus’s divinity. For those with ears to listen, and hearts to hear... 22. Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, "These nursing babies are like those who enter the (Father's) kingdom." They said to him, "Then shall we enter the (Father's) kingdom as babies?" Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom]." Here is a brief overview for anyone who is interested...
  2. Connection between tao and christianity

    If you are talking about the institutional view of Christianity, then no. But if you are talking about the actual teachings of Jesus found in the gospels, then they are very similar. Even though it did not make the Roman version of the Bible, I would highly recommend the Gospel of Thomas as it’s teachings are very similar to the Tao Te Ching. In particular look at chapter 28 of the TTC regarding a ruler immortal, and it is basically the same as a Christ (son of God). Getting people to cross intellectual boundaries is very hard. Good luck.
  3. All truth is relative. So more you are “all”, the greater the span of your relative truth...
  4. Women and Buddhahood

    There has been a turning since the writing of the Lotus Sutra. I would suggest that you read the Vairo Drahag, as it will describe at a higher level of refinement the buddha realization and why the body (male or female) does not really matter. It even gives the description of a female prostitute (and how sex or not also does not matter) who realizes buddha nature. The Lotus sutra is more like an “astral view” from someone. Similar to the chapter of Revelations in the Bible.
  5. Marblehead was a very special person. We had some very good discussions, and I always appreciated how open he was to various points of view. Definitely one of the good guys...
  6. Mantra/tantra for sex

    This has more of a “spell” of attachment for others feel to it. It resonates in the 3rd chakra - sense of self. I definitely would not recommend this sort of thing.
  7. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    Yes, on the “no thanks”, as the hugs can have a very definite energetic effect. But everyone with an open heart will know if it is right for them or not. Also, it is all about energetic potential.
  8. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    Thank you for sharing, and I a glad you found some sense in my post. I do not wish to be rude, but I do not think your approach will really work. In essence, rather than letting go, what you are describing is avoidance. As I said earlier, you are taking things in and receiving, but not yet transmitting. It is kind of like you deeply want to be loved, but are not loving others as you view it as an exchange (or trade) rather than a free flowing. While you have some “internal energy”, at higher levels your energy Will more connect and expands to people and the environment around you. With just advancement, the balance on inward and outward flows become critical. Rather than just retreat, maybe consider engaging in the world. See the pure wonder and curiosity of a young child. The playful abandon of a little puppy. Smile at the people around you. Simply give a loving hug to someone who is having a bad day and needs it. Give for the joy of giving, with no expectation of getting anything back. As an experiment, I am sending you a hug. If you are up for it, focus/imagine me for a moment and see if you can feel it. The flow of it. Best wishes.
  9. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    Your current blockage is based in the heart. At a subconscious level it would translate into issues around your fear of being loved (or loving others). Rather than flowing freely, it is more like you get stuck in a hyper receptive mode, and you hold on to the energy with it spilling over into conscious aspects of mind which create your experiences. You need to learn to release (or transmit) the energy. Then the next step after that will be realizing the polarities of the energy. In more Taoist terms, you are too yin, and need to go more yang, learning to balance the flows. Overall, it is all good stuff, as less than 8-10% of people can feel energy at the level that you are experiencing. Also, any accomplished teacher should be able to energetically push (or pull, depending on the perspective) you so that you can feel/notice the polarity difference and help with the rebalancing.
  10. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Where in the US do you live? Because I can say in the Midwest it is totally the opposite. Grew up Christian in Minnesota, and everyone has more Scandinavian socialist like views. Same in Chicago, and Illinois in general. I can say that all of the pastors that I know are completely left leaning socialist, that is pretty much all they preach about. I know personally 3 catholic priests, and they are all the socialist in their views too.
  11. We have also discussed many texts from Kashmir Shaivism and things like the Gospel of Thomas.
  12. Are interviews and textual studies both supposed to only be subsets of Daoist? Maybe move both up a layer? Or at least interviews. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Then for all, I repeat this thought as my view... Our uniqueness, our individuality, and our life experience molds us into fascinating beings. I hope we can embrace that. I pray we may all challenge ourselves to delve into the deepest resources of our hearts to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion. We are all in this life together. Linda Thompson
  14. Definitely. Also, I like your style with your comment. People did not seem to get the attempted irony in my posts, and even seemed to miss my label at the end of them. Oh well... Seems like time for me to just float in that sea.
  15. Beautifully said.