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Astral Body Gongs

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Visualize eating a lemon...your body 'chemistry' reacts


Your mind can be fooled


In dreams - your dormant body 'jumps' as 'it' watches 'yourself' fall...


This is a technique in various occult schools - some call it Path-working... [it can be done via Qabala --Tree of Life]


There's a whole sub-culture of extraordinary modes to attain unlimited heights


I will share just one:


This practice will appeal to some, and enable spontaneous Astral Travel/Projection/Remote Viewing


Some are naturally more adept at this than others, either way, practice makes perfect




This is a simple example:


Standing QiGong... take your stance


'feel your body'... the weight against the floor - how every muscle is supported - what the mind holds, and how the Qi flow interacts with it


watch yourself in a mirror- at all angles - keep this to memory


--Now, go lie down, or sit in a chair...


Visualize yourself, getting up (make it real) and walking to your familiar place of usual practice


Assume your position, and recall how it felt prior, and how it looked it the mirror


Important- Do not watch yourself in your mind's eye-- rather, 'be in the position', and see what your standing practice body would see, feel


Utilize all your senses


This is your Astral/Etheric/Doppleganger/Bio-Location Body


As you are Practicing your Gong, bounce slightly, sway - feel how 'this body' reacts to the physical setting


To your surprise, you will feel the Qi moving


This will incorporate quick links to Shen, because it is not the physical body being used (or is it?)


[Much debate :) ]


Once you 'notice' your dormant, physical body is also feeling the Qi flow- your consciousness starts to click back and forth to 'both bodies'


It gets tricky figuring out where these feelings are stemming from


Eventually, the consciousness transcends to 'one unified body'

[we have many bodies, our consciousness visits them, individually or collectively]


Taking this exercise to it's 'projected' natural conclusion, one comes to understand the sky is the limit


Long Range Attainments & Goals:


You can be sitting down, riding a train - & practice this, standing up... next to you, eyes open, [Alpha State/Level] and perform an 'Astral Horse Stance'..


This "Body" you are training- like any muscle - gets stronger through practice and Time.


-- Diamond, Gold Body, Immortal Body - the Body that lives on after physical death


With practice- long distant healing can be attained


Giving Shaktipat to someone at a distance


Chakra work is enhanced- and many hidden conduits and ganglion of 'energy plexus' reveal themselves (there are more than 7 chakras- the ancients knew of 7 planets, and liked keeping things in patterns of 7)


Telepathy, melding your thoughts with another...


Shapeshifting...Assuming transferred consciousness to organic life forms...


[many more...]


Spirit World visitation, Inter-Dimensional Bleed-throughs, Time-Lock 'play'...


[Each one of these 'sub-categories' would be taught on a 'Merit system' -- not all of my students would be taught everything, due to the simple fact, that some can easily abuse/misuse these systems -- i.e.,: getting into another's dream world, and/or Vampyrism(s)... Seminal Retention and keeping your seed: 'not feeding "Lurkers"... gets it's roots, here :) ]


Your mind can be fooled

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Later on, incorporating a Mirror (Skrying), Tarot, IChing , etc - are used as Portals.


-traveling through them, to reach a destination-


I am 'ending this' -- Here @Ghost-Gongs

I have noticed Various Currents & some Egregore Affiliates:)

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huh, that sounds so familiar

especially the lemon thing and how you brought it up today of all things ;)

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