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4.0 Earthquake in Missouri Shakes 9 States By Jim Salter | February 23, 2012

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I'm curious if anyone felt this, it just missed us.




I haven't been in an earthquake, is it scary, exciting or what?


I was in a few in Washington State. several small ones and the Nisqually Earthquake (which was 10 miles from where I lived) in 2001 which was a 6.8. That one was very scary, but compared to some of the other big quakes around the world, was not so bad. No deaths, tsunamis etc. I would consider Hurricanes to be the scariest, at least when you're near the eye of a class 3+... really awesome power. Tornadoes are very scary too, but don't last very long. Really nature can be terrifying, powerful, and ultimately unbiased.


My rating for terrifying natural phenomena scariest to least scariest would be Hurricane, Tornadoes, Tsunami, Earthquake.



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