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So I've lately been getting more and more into Confucianism. Of the 2 main indigenous influences of Chinese history it seems neglected in the West vis a vis it's much more famous co-hort Taoism. There's also a link to what seems to be some sort of Chinese Shamanism? Not sure but they don't specifically say it's Confucian - just that it's a direct translation so figured I'd give it.




The Li Ki (Book of Sacred Rites) Pt 1

The Li Ki (Book of Sacred Rites) Pt 2


The Great Learning


The Doctrine of the Mean


The Shu King, Shih King and Hsiao King


A different link to the 4 Books and Five Classics of Confucius


The Spring and Autumn Annals


The above has an introductory commentary section and the original text interspersed with commentary.


The Analects of Confucius

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