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I'm curious about some things you guys might be thinking about right now without knowing it.


Some things you might not want to think about anymore because you don't want them to change.


In your head these things sound right while in reality these things might be wrong but you have reasons for them not to be wrong, for protection.


Changing these things might change something more important or make things harder.


I don't like the idea of everyone being immortal.


I myself can think of ideas of how everyone is immortal, how theres a part that's indestructible by itself and there's no need to work to get it immortal.


That idea is destructive in a way that it makes everything else related to it not important.


It's like ultimately realizing that nothing in life is important and nothing matters.


Which is true in a sense but that realization comes too early for some people.


There are videos of people talking to gurus about themselves no being nothing and finally realizing that.


The guru is a very experienced being who has seen what is ahead on the road while a nothing person is far behind him and he trusts the guru out of guru's experience and just being ahead on the path.


That realization can halt the person from taking the same path because he already knows from the guru that there is nothing ahead.


A person that knows about the nothing ahead of him might be greater and even smarter then normal people, but the normal people are more important.


Nothing person exists ahead on the path and he can't understand people behind him, and that makes him weak.


A bird flopping about on the ground that thinks it can fly.


The same idea of being nothing could be said to many different people but none of them would have the same understanding of it as the guru until they know what comes before it.


But none of the people who come to gurus want to ask about what comes before the nothing.


Even on the forum some questions seem like asking about something far ahead and expecting an answer but the answer would be guessing since that person took a path to get there and you have no idea what it was.


That's why masters emphasize on the simpler things since they are more important and more people can relate to them.


All the advanced stuff is not important yet, it will be important what you realize these things by yourself.


When you finally understand that you are nothing, you can tell somebody but they wont understand you.


Some people think they can understand what is happening by looking at the big picture and taking everything in at the same time, keep going up and you will see ants and then finally nothing.


Saying nothing is not a wrong answer but it's not an answer everyone needs.


If you are afraid of heights, you will need an answer no make it through.


You can say it's not important and make the fear a very small thing.


Fear is the right target but go at it from below instead of above.


You might be afraid to take a step because of fear, you go to a guru and ask for a different stepping technique and he gives you the best one.


You walk just fine every other day but the fear behind your action makes it a completely different thing.


That's why you work from down up and build a foundation with a horse stance and learn to understand chakras.


Something happens and theres a reason behind it, go deeper.


Chi is energy that powers your intention and gives power to what you do, go deeper.


You know you received energy from somewhere else and there's a reason behind a reason that means a pattern, go deeper.


Traveling from time and space you find a grain of sand that is the reason behind your fears.


It's so easy and unimportant that just moving it makes your fear disappear.


It's so small that you loose it in the desert and now that the smallest gear in your system moved, the whole thing ahead of it becomes different.


You can go up or you can go down.


From up there everything is better then here, that's why we go there.


I can just become the most awesome and powerful Taoist master right now if I wanted to and turn into an old man with lots of experience... and stop.


There are so many elderly people who slept through their lives and when they wake up old one day, they can't grow and don't change.


They can only look back and see what was that they missed and they look for it in the young people.


When they were young, they could do so many things.


They had all the time in the world and now it's gone.


The old guy just decided that he was old and stopped growing because somewhere back then he made that decision and just stopped.


Very lost, not knowing how he got here, tracing back all the steps taken to understand where to go.

But it's always the same thing for every kid and teenager back then, they all look the same, don't they.


Don't want to spoil the ending, I already said that I don't like spoilers.

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A bird doesn't need to think it can fly because it is a bird. A baby doesn't need to think to suckle a breast because it is a baby. This is teacherless knowledge without the need of knowing. Knowing that you think there is nothing because you're understanding nothing as in terms of you know is not the knowledge of nothing. The old man may think he knows of age but the reality of getting old is without knowing. It is knowledge that is teacherless knowledge which is a direct experience of reality. There is no need to know. But yet knowing gives us a false believe of a expected outcome.


Like you don't need to know how to see or hear, as knowing has nothing to do with knowledge.


So then why do you want to know of things you do and don't alreay know?

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I don't use the "everyone" is immortal thing. or even the everyone goes to an appropriate afterlife thing.


IMO - You have to build enough strength of spirit to survive the bodies death and keep on.

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To forget :lol:


Yes! Forget trying to know, Just be!


Don't think about it...... do it, be it, live it! Than naturaly you will alchemize and things just make sence without knowing. Things will just happen without forced action cause you are not gasping to know conceptually.


You must learn to unlearn to truly learn.......Hahahaha use the force! Sinfest the force! Lol

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