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  1. What I see

    What I see is little fishes swimming around in bag while floating around in the ocean thinking that they are free, not realising that they are swimming only within the limitation of the bag. You humans.
  2. No its not, and that is “Flare” not “fare,” my apologies. What I am is completely unorthodox, a deep dark black book and what I am saying is humans don’t need to know themselves via text books. All this searching for the “other” because the self being artificial thinks it is not the “other” so it seeks it, and in its seeking it creates the “I” and the “me” and the “you” creating conflict establishing duality. You think you need to be more spiritual because the self says that it is not this, it is separate from the cosmos, separate from the animating force that is animating your every own existence. This is your conditioning. The self is the every problem because it is stupid and artificial and pollutes and contaminates the body, heart and mind, Because of fear and a false sense of certainty within the uncertainty it is unable to experience the wholeness of reality. Your brain becomes certain and conditioned by memory, training the intellect which is limited within the neurons because that’s what you call education. A prison for the mind. At school you learn to be certain by accumulating certainties giving you security and comfort within the self because you learn how to be sure. You become satisfied with explanations on science, philosophy, religion all of which are offering more and more theories which creates more and more conflict among yourselves. This aids the delusion of self while the reality goes by unchecked while you divide yourself into compartments of this and that, likes and dislikes, right and wrong living out the delusion of duality. You are polarized by one or the other and are incomplete. This is your evolutionary hurdles as a species. What I see is little fishes swimming around in bag while floating around in the ocean thinking that they are free, not realising that they are swimming only within the limitation of the bag. Sure this analogy is easy to understand? The ancient masters of the past did not need text books, did not need education, in the attempt to live up to the ancient ones leaving behind only foot prints, not text books. Humans created all sorts of dogmatic texts and spiritual nonsense because of self. When the self-conscious emerged out of the organism for the first time it split the reality into two creating the delusion. The “me” and the “other” spirit, by this action it scattered the oneness into trillions of pieces creating conflict within the mind cocooned by the centre, the self. So the self is actually in two places at once but you just don’t realise it, one lives and dies, and is mortal while the other is forever immortal. Anyway this is becoming a waste of time. Bye Tao bums and I will be seeing you in the near future and good luck to you all as there is still time.
  3. Oh yes! you must be right! It’s impossible for life forms to known the life form, unless it reads about itself first in a text book. Yes need grammar and all that stuff. Don’t know how the old masters of the ancient past did it??? Interesting little study this has become.
  4. What a shame. You bite, and I fare my eyes, and in fear, you mistake that as intuition. I am sorry for this.
  5. Feeling A Little Lost.

    Ground your self with the earth, take your shoes off and just have a day of pure spirituality, and just hang out with her. Plan the day if you have to. Do your chi work, mediation or gardening and read some poetry, eat produce that is organic and clean, drink plenty of water as well. Let your mind be free and give it space, feel the space filling you up like a balloon like as if you have floated away form your problems, and so you can see them for what they are in peaceful watchfulness. Like as if you are floating away from earth into the mystery of space rejuvenating your perceptive, returning clear in the silence, and has you come back to earth it all makes sense as the natural harmony has always been with you. Never has she gone and ever will she judge, always in the art, she is your home in your heart.
  6. Will if you’re a lizard then I must be a submerge dragon waiting the right time to strike and now is not the time, so I merge backinto the shadows. It makes no difference what you call it, same branch on the tree, primates. You see the point is that if you want complete unification with your DNA then seeking measures outside of yourself is one-sided and eventually becomes delusional. Yes you can use your technological instruments that have out grown your maturity has a species while the internal reality and true real knowledge and intelligence lays dominant. While it might appear that being academic is all you need or a false intellectual, but it does don’t pierce through the veil of self which is holding back your very own evolution. All this masturbation within the known, devouring text books with your frontal lobes then shitting it out on paper as academic jizz is not the way. It creates and adds to the false perception increasing the artificial within the real. What you need is a tactic understanding and that is all. What I’m saying is, try less and be more fundamentally, and if you are a hermeticist as you label yourself to be then you should know that intelligence does not need a nervous system. You see you are still within the box, within the brain matter of the organism and the collective external environment. Science is one-sided and religion is one-sided but where is the in-between and collaboration between the two? Human life forms are so conditioned that way that, they are always polarized by either one or the other. The cosmos does not function like this, like a coin it is two-faced and does not favour either side. Insight is reading between the lines so you can apply awareness and be a light within yourself. See, no matter what type of fancy names or labels you impose upon the universal reality it remains the same throughout the entire cosmos. You don’t need a text book to experience the actuality You don’t need to read a text book on gaia psychology or ecopsychology, all you need to do is step outside of your box and embody the experience and nature of this reality. Good to see scientists that are without bias and he’s work has not gone in vain. When you step outside you experience the reality for what it is, but if spend all your time locked down between your ears then you only created false realities. And as far as the whole content of this conversation goes let’s say you got a little boost but will save that for the next post. What need to apply force or personal agendas.
  7. Yes ape man, monkey man, primitive man, pre human or whatever satisfies your intellect to make yourself feel more superior because obviously you know what the content of the conversation is. No need to try and sound intelligent. What I find interesting is just how personal it is for you, like a feisty little lizard that loves to bite. Anyway So, Less than 10% of your DNA is necessary for creating the modern day human. Over 90% of human DNA is dormant and as tens of thousands of genes that have yet to be expressed. About 3-5% of human DNA which is required to build a human, 20% of that is used to create the brain, the another 30% of that DNA is expressed in the process of running and maintaining the brain. You are already pre-programmed, 50% of the 3-5% of DNA which is coded, serves the human brain. The other 90% of the 30,000 plus genes have not been expressed and is the only species on this planet that has so much of what some scientists call junk DNA, and by the way it is not junk. Even these scientists are flinging shit at each other like some primitive monkeys swinging in the trees. Evolution theory 1.01, you people think if it is in a book then it must be true, set in concrete. I am not educated by your system, don’t need or want to be. And what of god as a space man, a primitive delusion this is. There is no god, surely you have come to terms with this. Maybe try stepping out between your ears. You don’t need to be a false intellectual to evolve, the organism has been evolving fine without the artificial “self’, and actually this artificial self is devolving the species. Evolutionary metamorphosis on this planet will continue well into the future with or without you. Humans have a superiority complex.
  8. Selfless acts ?

    Silence is the distance between two sounds, but even that is still within the mechanism of the instrument taking the measurement in the first place. If the point has reached its highest point then let it pierce into the other and open the door way between the two. It is like when open up the doors and windows in your house letting the fresh air blow in, to only turn around to feel the soft warm light upon your face, catching you into a peaceful surprise.
  9. Yes missing link between the human species and the ape species. Evolution is like rings on a tree. This doesn't suggest that aliens simply come to planet earth to have sex with some apes?? Nor doesn't it discount the earths own biological evolution which is not limited to biology, but also soul and spiritual evolution. They are interwoven because they are the products of the animating force. What care for scientists when bias viewpoints based on prejudice rules, so they can keep their intellectual identity saved? Look at how many scientists are without prejudice that are not being listened by governments, corporations and other organised institutions, actually stunting and holding back the growth on all levels body, mind and soul.
  10. Exactly! Drop it, let it go........free your mind!
  11. Your missing link is alien people. So start thinking alien. No need to believe people, just look more closely at yourselves.
  12. Yes very good. The body, mind and soul people or what some call the three dantians. Don’t focus too much on these conceptual systems that cloud the mind which was an attempt to explain the impossible, and now has become a profiteering enterprise. Use a tactic understanding and read between the lines and do not take them literally, these are natural reality’s that can only be experienced, and like anything that is natural it cannot be forced. The key point here is to connect to the earth by forgetting entirely on the self which grounds the body and nourishes the chi and frees the mind form the mechanism of the brain. Please remember to not impose any sort of discriminating self upon the experience because of what you have read and desire as this will distort the process killing it in it tracks. When your mind is free and in the lower dantian this will begin to empty the heart and expose the naturalness of your soul the middle dantian, and then simultaneously this will invigorate the higher dantian opening up the spirit, heaven, which then is like a cosmic pulse, pulsating between earth and heaven. Mother earth will guide you to the heavens and then the great mother will give you blessings, so to speak. 1,2,3 Once all three are naturally restored, balanced, then connection to the all one animating force of reality, the way, mind of Tao or whatever attempt to label this one universal reality, which is not limited to human beings, all different life forms throughout the cosmos can experience this one universe force. Remember the most important thing is freeing the mind from the self as this self is the very limitation. Have faith in the naturalness of the cosmic way, she does not discriminate but first you must get approval from mother earth by grounding one’s self. Drop all attempts of knowledge and ideas, energy systems, opinions, believe systems and so on. Do not get excited when you sense energy flowing through your body. Do not get excited when past lives become apparent. Do not get excited when you get psychic visions. These are all just side effects, stay grounded.
  13. Is it a need or a want?

    Yes that’s right without intelligence you are dull, stupid lacking the means of soul evolution like the intellect stupid, lost in fragments therefore within the centre therefore the past. What you gather with intelligence is fundamental to understanding, giving rise to insight which are the tools needed to penetrate the layers of consciousness and unlocking the mechanism of the brain. So you free your mind. Yes you do become something else’s and what that is, is not artificial you merge back into the field which is the unknown because the brain, the centre cannot function outside the known. When you come back from the unknown it is then murdered by the brain cells into little fragments which then pretends as though it is known because you are now back in the organism, the skin bag, and the centre. Otherwise how else can anyone appear as though they know and then turn around and say it cannot be known which of course is a fact, it is a double edge sword. Everything is contradictory. That’s how it must be viewed otherwise you become deluded by the centre gain. Time and space does not exist outside of the “known” therefore it cannot be “known.” You cannot take the known with you when you are in a timeless state because I know, the brain is off therefore no mechanism no recognition. This is the very problem of language it is all within the limitation of the “known” labels, a program therefore within the limitation. If you know when you’re thinking and know when you are not thinking then what does knowing have to do with knowledge? The every attempt to known and seek is the very thing that will distort and retard the very nature of mind because it is all within the centre, the limitation of the known, cellar brain matter. It should be common knowledge by now that the earth is a living soul which as no thought of self, and all life on this planet is in direct consequence of this. Nothing is separate in the greater scheme of things and everything is telepathic is connected. This whole nonsense would be so much easier if you could open your mind and receive, but you wouldn't perceive it away because your entire mind is cocooned by the self, the organism, brain. I am telling you. The universe as already been and gone like a flash and what is left is the way. The nature of perception is faulty, delusional. Like you think because of perception that everything is still and that you are always in an upright position or that things are linear, you live and die than that’s all. These are only some of the examples. Delusional is perception and perception can only be “shifting perception” as quoted if you move into the unknown, then come back into the known then that changes perception. The known cannot change perception because it is a limitation only the unknown can expand, flex and stretch out this limitation because the “unknown” is limitless, the “known” in limited. The unknown and known are not separate, that is the perception of self. This is how you grow and is what is meant by soul evolution. The cockroach and like that tree outside is already in the state of the art, and what you would call enlightened, they have no thought of self, a pristine state of awareness like the earth no thought of self. Death is an illusion because of the human perception of self, I have witness death many of times, and actually you can experience death without the organism dying. There needs to be a from of tactical understanding therefore it needs to make sense. In your mediation realize that you are the observer that is being observed and what you are is observational awareness but can you achieve that without the discriminating self? Can you leave the known and go into the unknown? Don't worry about what is higher or lower in mediation just be like the sky or the universe it does not discriminate between this and that, between fluffy clouds or stormy clouds. Anyway enough said.
  14. If I was you I would first humble myself spherically in all directions allowing compassion and understanding to shine forth being soft and flexible with acceptance rather then force my friend, it doesn't work no matter how much or how great your cause might be. Just be the sky. With this your actions will eventually ware down the rock in the sea, like water, be patience and reflective don't expect to much from her or yourself for that matter.
  15. Yes the missing links and the golden thread that runs through all of this will manifest within your life time people.