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( No trading, No killing! )


This mother was chased off a cliff with a group of dogs, the mother plundged to her death and her horn was later removed - the calf then took a day to find its mother!!!

it is slaughtered its tiny, insignificant horn because of too many morons believe that it's natural Male Enhancement?!!!...shame!

The sea lions(Zalophus japonicus) were virtually extinct which lived in Dock-do(small island of Korea) in 1945 because Japanese slaughtered about hundred get its genitals....


Shocking news!

The powder capsule made in China very secretly is selling and also some are imported to's the powder of frozen dried 'dead infant body'


Ok, disgusting but happened in China, Japan and Korea, how about other countries?


--.-- ;;


longing for Longevity???

craving for youth???

just human's ugly greed.........

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Yes, I have always thought that this kind of treatment of other animals on the planet by man is a horrible representation of the condition of humanity.


A perfect example of how believing in myths can cause so much harm.

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The important question is What can we do? I'm pretty sure none of us are buying Rhino horn or exotic genitals. Nor do we have much influence on some rich guy in Shanghai or poacher in Zimbabwe.


I eat meat, quite a bit of it really. I'm not slaughtering an endangered rhino, but I'm responsible for a fair share of dead fowl, hooved mammals. I don't think there's any health benefit from so much meat, 1 or 2 portions a day. But its culturally acceptable and they taste good. Though taste is to a great extent cultural conditioning.


Its not all that great for the environment either. Still I don't want to be a hypocrite by announcing I'm becoming a vegetarian either, because at this point I'm not.


Would we be happier if the Rhino was killed by a local tribe who ate all of it? Probably. Maybe the real enemy is stupid thoughtless waste. That's a target thats all around us. Knocking out the stupid thoughtless convenient waste, the paper towels, the unrecycled streams of garbage that move through our day.


We can't save the Rhino, but maybe if we begin to target the stupid waste we are at least involved in the war instead of just griping about it.

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The important question is What can we do?


shop at your local food co-op, or direct from an ethical farmer at a farmers market! buy organic meat!!


most likely its lived a healthy happy life and met its death humanely, not like the poor suffering creatures in factory farms, but raised by people who are 100x more likely to care about it.


so its better for you cause vibrationally it isn't toxic, and also its free of hormones, pharmaceuticals, and other nasty stuff! it wasn't raised on a diet of GMO corn in a cage 2 inches bigger than it!! etc etc etc


whatever you choose to do, do it the best you can, with increasing amounts of mindfulness.. thats the short answer :)

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