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I just wanted to say hello. I have felt like I have learned so much and so little at the same time. I have been enlightened and then have chosen at times to forget the Nirvana I have been shown. I am neither master nor student and in a strange, strange way...being back in America, at this time, is the ultimate test of being at peace with chaos all around me. To be the calm in the eye of the storm. In any event, no matter what you dream, believe or perceive, I wish to thank you for this wonderful forum.


A Chinese Master told me, "What good does an enlightened person do on a mountain?" I smiled.


At times I fret over what I am seeing...and a comes...and says, 'do you always believe what you see?"


That isn't to say that there will not be conflict...but with each journey, it just is the journey. Each river, is the river. Each path, is its own.


So I am here...being more here. Not fluff...though I love people. I also know an important thing, there is seeing and not seeing. Our optimism at times blinds us to the vipers in the road. Our wisdom gets clear of the danger.





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cool intro


especially about the part "being at peace with the chaos all around me". its what i try to practice.


and welcome

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