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  1. There's a lot here!

    i want that strawberry jam
  2. bought this book weeks ago. awesome book. great adventure. feels like your in it. important information almost freely given to readers by the master of the "pushing your chi from 10 feet to knock over the video boxes". very informative. extremely cheap. instant delivery. i used kindle. and i want a hard copy of the book to keep. just in case those secret government or some hacker blow up my comp. it happens a few times already.
  3. Grounding Techniques Tai Chi

    when i feel too hot from qigong practice, so hot that it is very uncomfortable, i just walk barefoot on the soil for few minutes. helps cool down and ground.
  4. name comes to mind Anthony Korahais. just google it. my opinion best for health.
  5. Patanjali's Sutras and Samyama questions

    theres lightness sutra in there
  6. Hello

    cool intro especially about the part "being at peace with the chaos all around me". its what i try to practice. and welcome
  7. hello

    namate and welcome