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Conversation with Tao

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The following quotes from Tao, are my personal interpretations of my ego's experience with Tao. It is by no means intended as a personification of Tao.



Once upon a dream...


I was right there, in the kitched, as I gave my good words towards the water I was about to drink, only to realize that this was a dream. I decided to let go of everything. Fell down, my muscles became numb, my body vibrated and faded away. I felt high excitement and filled the infinitely empty vessel with trust all the way to the brim that I would now return to Tao and face it.


I said, "This feels great!" I had a vague memory of the reality I usually find my self in. All I recall that I was discontent about the fact that it had so many limits! I said in all excitement "Wow, I feel so free here with you, Tao, compared to my previous reality!"


"How is it that you felt enslaved in the reality you just came from, and not as free as you feel right now?" said The Tao.


I said "It was much more limiting then this one, much more physical and dense! So heavy! I have no idea... I guess I doubted your existance and took the limits as the unchanging truth instead! How forgetful I was!"


The Tao replied, saying "Does this conversation matter to you, now that you are certain that I exist?"


I said: "No, infact, I don't need to talk anymore..."



Tao "Do you wish for me to challenge your trust in my being?"


I said: "Sure, go ahead. Nothing can make me forget this! Now I know I can face anything, because I trust in your existance 100%!"


Tao: "Off you go, then! Also, forget about this conversation shall we? Don't want to create a personification of Tao by describing me as some guy with vocal chords!"


I slowly woke up in my bed and was no longer afraid. I wrote down, "...My... purpose... in... life... is... to trust Tao... to... infinity..." I closed my eyes, and stood up. thought: "I doubt the Tao will warn me when I am about to step right on a sharp object!" I peaked trough my eye lids to see whats in front of me and decide to just open my eyes and walk this way. Lest I should feel the pain on my feet! thought: "Surely, the Tao could not make that pain go away, haha! Uhmm... What was I dreaming about again?" Oh yeah! Trust Tao! These limitations really make me forget about Tao so quickly... I write down "No... idol... worshipping... ,lest... ye... forget... the ...Tao!"


Closed my eyes again: "There is no place for fear in full trust..." "I trust Tao to infinity..." I became conscious of Tao and let the thoughts just be, without influencing my actions. Placing my awareness mostly on Tao, without thought, without doubt, without question... I tried to sense where the Tao was leading me and just trust it to infinity. I felt a thought saying "The Tao will hurt you!" I sensed the Tao in the wall, and hit my head against the wall and enjoyed the pain, followed by the silence of my ego. I felt the Tao in my feet, walking guiding me towards a table. The ego was shouting "The Tao wants you to brush your teeth! Its good for your teeth!" I remained focused and conscious of Tao and trusted that this will lead me somewhere. Every action was followed by sensing Tao for further action. I found my self in front of a table with a lady bug lying on its back. I was filled with joy as it became appearant that Tao guided me towards this side of the table, intending me to take the lady bug outside of the house. I recalled the dream more clearly now and felt free.


The Tao usually led me towards doing actions that my thinking mind totally did not approve of doing. Paradoxically, once I followed them true, many great personal events happened that lead to allot of joy and harmonious results in my life, as long as I held the intention of trusting Tao. It seems scary, it seems like the opposite direction of love! If you follow it trough without doubt or fear, you will be rewarded for it! The reward of this world lies with trusting Tao, truely! I do not even know what it is, yet I thank it for every moment in my life... Lest I forget about the Tao and the freedom that follows the recalling and trusting of it!


Tao "Become conscious of me, so that I can become conscious of you!"

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