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old taoist ways of turning stress into vitality

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taoist ways of turning stress into vitality

smoking herb, growing herbs


living in a state of wanton abandon

clear the mind of symbols

think of the universal love

and oneness

taking time slowing down

savoring detail empathizing

cultivating animistic kindness and perception

to see all as alive is to live forever, is the most heavenly

and equanimous, it is the seeing of spirit itself

kamis of wanti poets and the true jewish mystics, (and all of it in turn, freely coming together and apart, in simple benevolence)

angels upon seas of rocks becoming trees

speaking and growing, the fabric of earth and the universe

Mother, you are everywhere guiding, you are old yet young

you are within me, as I care for nature, and in the moon and sun as they call me,

through the world they are woven, with their rays, their love, and brought together by their

gathering, this festival, the stars, we dance and see and dance and see, divining on the walls

like the lights of the water on the cave walls,

we had painted the sky there, and so it truly appeared

things were so true then, we had really made them, by the magic of tricksters

the seamsters, of the universe, just a humor, a nothingness, a change of the angle,

for that eternal wave which is ness, coming our language is the grooves, it has left, like a volcano long ago

yet still shifting, everything is growing like the plants in this garden of oatenlia, the wood town where we rest our heads

adventurers upon our steady treading stead, elves taking home in the trees,

alora the witch and her broom of good tidings, we fly long

in peace, ever living, in ways hard to understand, fading away, and coming back

vibrations, all of it, of an eternal truth, i've seen it reveal itself

like the face of God, so much emptiness, like the buddha and so much compassion and living like the Goddess all in one

everywhere, always, yet we dance along the labyrinth calling in so many ways, finally the truth arises like a koan of truth, in so many simple and merely part of the grand mystery of life beforehand, something we perhaps were not meant to know, but nay, for it swirls together now, the soul, riding purely as the wholeness, like a mist scattering across an emptiness, full of the nourishing dream of life in its true real form, of the dancing energies of the dakinis among the myriad fractal infinite patterns which the river of life dances in its journey, it is a single sprout flowering in all these ways, all of us put together, it has woven and expanded, and continued and gone on, it is the tree of life, Adawapayo, sprouting from the land of Wanti, and verily, it is all things!

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