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Well it is great that you are 'selfish' in that way and would be loveley if more people have that kind of 'selfishness'.

I understand where what that person who told that idea you is coming from, but personally I am for being practical. Recgonising what is aprropriate to do and do it. Sometimes it is apropriate to want to help and feel good about it.

Armchair emptiness talk just doesent do it for me, not being afraid and this includes not being afraid to feel fantastic and good and being sensitive and aware to whatever is occuring works for me.

I know an American couple who went to Georgia teaching English and they had great and interesting experience. You will be all right , dont think it is very risky, just very different (culture difference) . Best,


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Someone told me recently that any act of charity is selfish, because it helps us to feel better

Ha! That is on an old Friends episode! ;-p

I agree with you. Just because something makes you feel better doesn't mean the action is selfish. There is the reason and there is the reward. The reason is to be helpful to others, the reward is to the benefit of both!

Glad to see that your spirits are up and things are turning around for you :-)

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