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  1. Curious to hear what you people here think . Article about girl marrying dog invoked a train of thoughts on this today .. Everything is subject to change . What about traditions ( spiritual ) ? Is it better if they move with times and are altered ? At what point is this best recgonised ? Would you be able to recgonise it ? Does a tradition that has been unchanged stagnate ? Is there a totally unchanged tradition ? Should taboos be broken ? Or is there deep wisdom embodying taboos that shoud not be tempered with ? All taboos or just some ? What is a relationship between traditions and taboos ?
  2. true .
  3. What about western supremacy syndrom , obssesion with technology and consumerism ,destroying the earth and having a mental/emotional age as general population of not even a teenager ? Is this not an illness and disease of sort that is destroying lifes on so many levels ? Just look at what people eat these days , privatisation of water GMO crops , new born mothers are being advised not to breast feed ...etc -- from which "spots" does this come from ? This is very dark indeed . How balanced and healthy is that ? So we are not in any superior position , dont see any higher vibes in here .
  4. Art As A Spiritual Quest.

    “The Square” is a metaphysical photographic series developed by Seoul-based Korean photographer Seokmin Ko. The artist portrays an existential approach of being one with you and your surroundings, addressing ideas of normalcy and identity.
  5. I saw what he is doing and thought to myself -- only in Inida ( well , at least in this way ). If you watch this video he explains a bit about his work and background , it is interesting . Yoga and /or tantra in many shapes and forms is still very present in India , and many family lines preserve it , also mostly everyone learns to meditate at some point . (This does not of course implies that everyone is spiritual or something , just stuff is more accesible and not considered so unusual )
  6. Are you a mature and responsible adult?

    .................................... lost the post
  7. rod of power

    the Boss
  8. mystical poetry thread

    Nice to see you Captain !
  9. Feeding your demons

    i dont believe in 100% egoless human either and hardly ever use the word myself . However I find Machig Labrdon really inspiring , and wonder if the word ego is often a too rigid translation for many teachings .
  10. addiction to air, food and water

    That is unusual .
  11. Feeding your demons

    Or as Machig Labrdon herself said : As long as there is an ego, there are demons. When there is no more ego, There are no more demons either! This is an interesting short video to watch
  12. Yes I have had same expirience and think you may be looking at me through glasses that are coloured by your own past . I have never actually thought of questions that you proposed or alluded I was thinking and I am glad you have stopped limiting yourself in that respect . As the matter of fact I do not really care about chakras , or think about them . Maybe I used to 10 years ago . I was just discussing technicalities which may or may not be important depending where the person is at , that is all .
  13. I will have to say here for all general disbilievers out there( no one specific ) , that I am very sceptical if someone who consider themselves to be serious cultivator and has no idea what their dreams are about and how they connect to waking life . Further more sceptical if someone is not at least sometimes awake/aware to some degree within dream as this is just natural continuation of being aware during waking state .
  14. Hey , the feeling of union in Ajna chakra is becouse councioussnes does not indetify with elements , it is in "vacuum". Yeh many tools in one tool box . The numbering of chakras is very large -- as there is so many nadis in the body and not just major ones ida and pingala where major chakras are situated . This is def not new age mumbo jumbo , quite the opposite actually . Will provide link for scripture if found . 7 main ones -- becouse they have largest role in governing the human body .