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(A) VIDEO: 3 Dimensional Mind - Vizzini

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From Essential-Skills website:

"The 3D Mind tm works on the following principle. Problems are the result of a specific formula of associated states that create an unbalanced relationship between the primal brain and the creative adaptive brain. These create an entire environment that the world gets sorted through. In the past I described it as a filter but I think 'environment describes it better because it is an all encompassing reality not just a filter."


So I just got the two 3D-Mind videos and so far I am really impressed. It's an incredibly simple NLP-style process you can learn in an hour and describe in three paragraphs but it seems very powerful and flexible. I've only been playing with it for about a week but with pretty amazing results. It may not seem relevant to Taoism or whatnot but I've found it very easy to integrate Chi circulations and even movements into the process. I think it has a lot of potential for integration into our spiritual practices.


Yoda has first dibs on this since he sent me WSM, so if he doesn't want to borrow it right away then it's up for general grabs.



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