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Your True Purpose Is Always Effortless!

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A fine discription of "letting go" Sean!

As we have shared before; the willfullness of some striving attempts to reach enlightenment and inner powers may be counter-productive, even harmful to the seeker. Finding one's natural level in order to move forward is key to being in the moment and able to remain in your Tao.

The state of being we find ourselves in will usually contain elements of discord and struggle. These are our challanges to move through time and space. Being at one with our environment is basic to the Stoicism of Epictitus as well as the Way of Lao Tze.

Struggling against nature- be it our own inner nature or that of the wider world, seldom tenders benificial results.

Controling our own base instincts and harnessing their power can work wonders. Or may produce a flood of problems down the road...

Just as building a dam to control a raging river needs planning and forethought and a sound base to build from, so does the inner taming of ourselves and the harnessing of that power. The eventual harnessing of raging powers can be channeled to turn the turbines of our directed energies, but if the dam breaks there is hell to pay.

Beginning with a calm and stoic "Ataraxia"-or impurtubability is a good start. Yet difficult as it is natural to have a passionate urge to grow when first we learn of our own potentials. Yet a certain amount of "Apatheia"- freedom from passion - is wise to hold onto in one's questing.

An Epicurian freedom from fear is a goal to attain, but may be dangerous to use as a starting point.

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