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Desert Eagle

Six pointed star meditation

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Does anyone know of a good method for the six pointed star meditation?


I searched and found this page with a description but I was looking for more explanation.


it is supposed to be a good method for cleansing and defense.


I found out about it from this awesome Belgian guy who shared other methods with me from the european shamans.

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I though I remembered it from the golden dawn but I had no luck searching


"Israel Regardie six pointed star meditation"


Here we are

Invoking The Planetary Powers


Israel Regardie, in his treatise "The art of True Healing", gave an excellent technique for using Hexagram in Planetary Magic. In this post I'll give you a slightly altered version I've found effective for myself.


By the way, the system he teaches (the art of true healing) is, Imho, the most straitforward, concise method of Magical instruction written. In his fifteen pages he covers energy work, planetary magic, Chaos-magick style implanted hypnotic suggestion and manipulation of the sub-conscious, and beginning Alchemy. It is should be part of the standard curriculum of any school teaching Western style Magick. Perhaps even the first thing the Neophyte studies and learns inside and out. It gives a sound base.

Here is the method I use-I hope you may find some value in it.

Begin by:

1. Drawing/visualizing a hexagram inside of your personal corresponding to the appropriate planet.


To do this, start your hexagram in the corner where the planetary power to be invoked has it's symbol, drawing clockwise to invoke.


2. Visualize the hexagram glowing fiercely in the Negative color of the planet (the negative color makes the aura receptive, while the positive is projective.) Then, visualize your entire Aura permeated with this negative color. Hold this visualisation, and "inhale" the planets influence into yourself. I find it useful to create a Mantra detailing the desired accomplishment, chanting it mentally with increasing intensity.


3. When your sphere of sensation feels full to bursting, sit in silent meditation. Do not draw a Positive Hexagram to close-this is a mistake often made by practitioners newly acquainted to this work. I made it plenty, before I was blessed with a slightly deeper understanding of ritual. Instead, visualize the hexagram fading slowly out of sight. This way, you do not establish any opposing currents to the one you've set in motion.


4. Perform the Qabbalistic cross and the LBRP. The most important part of the LBRP in this instance is the part where you formulate a complete, balanced Hexagram in your Aura. This symbol represents the planetary forces in balance, and will, imho, keep the planetary power invoked focused and in balance, avoiding deleterious effect.


5. Of the utmost importance here is a system of correspondences listing the planets and the things connected to them-Sun for wealth, Saturn for Change, etc. There is a very useful one in Mr. Regardie's " The Art of True Healing", however, I would recommend Aleister Crowley's book "777", as it is a storehouse of useful correspondences.


With the correspondences as reference this system is incredibly practical; one could approach any problem with hope for an answer.;wap2


as above, so below etc ;)

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Yes. The only "cleansing and defense" aspect that I've practiced myself involving a 6 pointed star is like the one I posted.


( The LBRP is quite usefull :ninja: )

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