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I was involved with iG for over a year, including up to very recently. I've actually had two lengthy phone consultations with Stephane that have been included in the newest series of products.


It's interesting to read what Sean has written of him, and knowing that they lived closely for a while, its very revealing to me.


I would sum my experience up as:


I never needed iG - I needed a therapist.


I needed to deal with my real life issues, masculinity issues, sexuality issues.

I could never quite 'get it' alone using chakra meditations, affirmations, etc.,


I'd dare say I damaged myself by taking on so many practices and beliefs, instead of really working with my issues.


Now, those phone consultations were filled with gold, at a certain level. There was some brilliant advice in there alongside some advice that was actually fairly damaging to my mental health and my relationship when I attempted to practice it. He encouraged me to 'give away all my power, as it is God's anyway' - so with my girlfriend, I became a doormat as I believed it was some kind of Karma Yoga, going along with everything she said etc.,


What I didn't realise at the time was that I was running the unconscious script of "If I hide my flaws, and am nice, I will be loved, get all my needs met, and live a problem free life".


That is a deep-seated one I need to transcend before I could consider Stephane's approach.


So I've lost a girlfriend out of this. It's not Stephane's fault. He gave some brilliant advice also. It's my own responsibility.


Still, the practice he suggests for transcending issues is hardcore. For me, I went into severe overwhelm with it, turned into a wreck infact.


His material might work for some people, but its not for me, not now.


And concerning 'drug epiphanies' - now this is really interesting. As I went through a similar thing of getting fucked up and contemplating 'truth', its interesting at an unconscious level how I attracted a similar person to my life. :o


How can I remove iG programming from my brain?

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So, what is this Stephane guy up to these days? I've been watching a lot of cult documentaries lately and find the topic of what happens to cult leaders after their cult or attempted cult breaks down interesting. I tried to google him but seems like after 2009 or so there is little about him online. 

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 I ran a cult for a while  ' Five  Star Salvation'  .... it was easy to set up , but it soon got out of control ;







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