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Hello Everyone.....


Long time lurker on these boards. Thought I ought to register and show myself.


I hope you'll allow me to say a few words about myself, and i hope it won't be too boring to read.


I have studied Taiji, Chi Gung, Bagua, Kriya yoga and various 'energy arts' for many years now. Chi Gung is my great passion, and I have been lucky enough to learn from a number of masters. I have practiced every day for a decade or more.


I have been a professional healer for 18 years. I have three clinics in Britain and several abroad. I've dedicated my life to healing, but I'm hoping to dedicate the next 18 years to working more on myself, and less on the rest of the world. Its been an amazing journey, and I have learnt some incredible things, about energy, about others, and about myself. I've had tremendous success, treating over 20000 people, but its come at a high cost.


Four years ago I acquired a 'stalker' who decided she had to dedicate herself to destroying my life. I'd never met her before, but she claimed to have been married to me, raped by me etc etc. Three thousand death threats followed, on phone, text and email. Then an assault, then attempted murder. The police weren't interested. Things got worse and and friends were threatened, clients were intimidated. She hacked my computers and phone. Placed spies into my circle of friends to record conversations, denounced me to every official body she could think of, it seemed to have no end. She poisoned her own dogs, hoping to set me up for it.......and then publically accused me of murder, child abuse, violence.......My solicitors were at a loss. Nothing could stop her. She was untouchable and seemed to be able to control people, getting a number of her 'friends' to do her dirty work. Anyone she approached seemed to fall under her spell. My impeccable reputation, based on the highest moral and ethical stance, was being destroyed.


Eventually, things became clearer. She boasted of police protection. And as all my complaints to the police had been ignored or laughed at, often I was told I was making it all up, despite very clear and credible evidence, including witnesses, so it seemed quite likely. But new police officers in the area contacted me, and confirmed her partner was a senior police officer. She really did have protection. It was four years too late, but at least it was something. She was arrested at long last, despite being tipped off by another corrupt officer. Things are now quiet, but I have no doubt my life is in danger. The local police are now paranoid about my safety, and I now live in hiding.


How did I come through all this ? Her last stalking victim attempted suicide after only four months. I mediated twice a day, for several hours. I practiced a minimum of one hour a day Chi Gong. And I spent at least eight hours a day healing, hoping to bring more value to others lives, as well as clarity and value to my own.


So I came through it. Just about. Life can never be the same again for myself, my family, my friends and my clients. I am doubtless a better person. I certainly have more compassion and appreciation for the downtrodden and persecuted, even though I had always tried to make compassion and love the cornerstone of my life. And while I had previously directed my attention outwards, in trying to help others, I now find it directed more inwardly.


Why did it all happen ? Obviously I brought it to me. It was my karma, and a great chance to learn and grow. I'm just sorry my friends and family became victims too. It was her karma too, so I was as much a tool for her growth and she was for mine.


So thats my story. Despite my experience, I still feel I am a beginner, and I am hungry for knowledge. I work less now, and dedicate more time to Chi Gong and meditation. I live a quiet, vegan lifestyle, hidden away in the countryside. I hope I'll learn plenty more from this forum and can maybe contribute something to everyone else.

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