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  1. Can anyone make a non-believer here feel their chi?

    Yes.As an example, the poor person who dropped round to borrow a book, last week.I accidentally blasted her with chi from 10-15 feet away. She had no idea what I was doing, so didn't know to expect anything. Instant and severe 'sunstroke' symptoms for two days. Severe headache, nausea, bad eyes, dizzy and floaty. Said it felt like being punched. She definitely knew about it. I've met a few people who can do it.
  2. Can anyone make a non-believer here feel their chi?

    You can absolutely guarantee that will not be what happens. To quote a leading British cancer specialist, in direct conversation with me, in his office, last summer; "I don’t need to tell you that, you know all too well. There is no honesty in the cancer world. I should know. It’s been my life for thirty years" And to quote an influential cancer researcher, who spoke to me, face to face, in the spring of this year; "I have no doubt healing works, and works very effectively too. But I have no model to place it into. So I won’t be able to understand the results of the study. I know it will show healing is highly effective, as I have looked at it before. But I will look foolish if I prove something works, without having a mechanism to explain it by. You won’t find anyone willing to study your work. Not because it doesn’t work. But because we don’t know what to do with the result.”
  3. San Ti Shi

    Agreed ! Its the best resource on the San Ti stance. He doesn't leave anything out.
  4. San Ti Shi

    I use 100/0 weight distribution. Its a very complex stance that takes several years to learn correctly. Especially considering the vision aspect, where you look with the back' of your eyes, so everything is in perfect focus. And the breathing techniques, drawing energy from you hand to nose, then down to LDT.
  5. Does anyone have 31 Basic Chi-Kung Exercises: Of Tao Tan Pai

    I may be wrong, but i believe it has never been videoed or written down, for training purposes. Not by any authorised teacher. So unless you learn from an authorised teacher, you can't learn it at all.
  6. One last hug

    Surely the best quote of the year ?
  7. thinks he should get back on the bike and win a gold medal !

  8. Does anyone else get sick after static qigong?

    Like it !
  9. Balancing yin and yang activities in a lifestyle

    But this precept is just nonsense anyway. It has no foundation in truth or reality, like the belief by people who have never attended university, that those with a degree have no common sense. Your precept is a construct. its a belief, and a belief is not based on fact. You have created a model to understand something. But a model is just a version of reality, that you use to understand reality. The model is not truth. Only the individual matters. And as we are all individuals, we can all embrace whatever lifestyle we want, and be creative, athletic, spiritual or whatever. So I think trying to 'bust through' a false precept is the wrong motivation. Ego perhaps ? Who are you trying to prove it to ? Just be. I've been a professional athlete, training intensively for five hours a day for extended periods. I saw no impact on my creativity, or spiritual pursuits. Its what you want it to be. My sport is aggressive and brutal. Very yang. But I believed it was just one facet of my existence, and that proved to be true. just be.
  10. The Path of the Christian Gnostics

    Agreed. I have experienced and witnessed exactly the same, within my own practice in Britain.
  11. Internal x External Martial Arts

    Taiji and Bagua training will give you everything you need, and more. ChiDragon speaks the truth.
  12. Flying Phoenix UK Workshops with Terry Dunn

    Thank you, Rainbowvein ! More good news, Sifu Dunn will also be available for private lessons during his time in Britain.
  13. Flying Phoenix UK Workshops with Terry Dunn

    Exciting times indeed ! As Sifu Terry has commented, on the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung thread, and I have seen when running my own healing workshops, group training seems to magnify the energy and create much greater effects than individual training. So learning in the workshop environment will enhance everyones experiences. Its a chance not to be missed !
  14. Flying Phoenix UK Workshops with Terry Dunn

    Stanton Drew has a very good energy. I like it there. Not as busy as some sites, so room to be quiet and soak up the energy. Very small car park, though, so at special times of the year, parking is impossible.
  15. Flying Phoenix UK Workshops with Terry Dunn

    This is why we chose Glastonbury for one of the workshops. The energy is fantastic. Its my homeland and I know it well. I think its the most consistently powerful place in Britain, and certainly equal to, or greater than anywhere I have been in the world. We decided it was the perfect place to learn Flying Phoenix Chi Kung, and the perfect compliment to the sublime Flying Phoenix Chi Kung energy.