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The Light

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I was inspired to write the following:


While shining my light into the dark depths.

A few came and called to me.

Some of them were of the light.

A few that were from the darkness also came to call.


From the recesses of this electric haven

I saw those willing to argue for its own sake

Forgetting the light in search of proving ones glory

Ever forgetting the danger of superiority.


I begged and pleaded with those of the light

To give place to the darkness.

Those not yet seeing the futility of dark actions.

I saw some point out what was thought to be error.


Terror it seems can run deep

Especially so for those who peek

At the darkness found within

Forgetting the path is from within.


To climb is to encounter the obstacles of the dark

To see oneself in greater light is to remember the climb

For each one can have a wheel an an axe to grind

Grinding only bids us farewell to the light


To bring peace to those who try

It is perilous to always be in the state of brighter light.

As we climb there will always be those seeking fault

Out of jealousy or ignorance we can seek our own self importance.


To be on the path is to be mindful of the light and the dark

The truth holds peril through disparaging the dark

The dark that threatens to keep us from the light.

The climb offers no glory, no recognition only light.


To seek glory is to seek death

Though death and glory are a fools prize.

In a heartbeat we are cut down to size.

Realizing that the dark bids welcome to easily.


The cold embrace, to forget what we are

We deny the existence of things we sometimes disagree with

Bringing us to lose the awareness of what is through denial

Bringing us to the silty only heavy fertile black sludge of the nile.


The black once being holy, only crys now for moley.

Seeking virtue only of what we know as good

When good exists in everything

To reach this point we leave the state of denial and reach one of peace.


Everything is holy until we make it unholy

The words we use only riddled with our want and deceit threaten

Our own holyness for the sake of what we deem right

To make us a spectacle for those who have eyes that can see


The blind will always suffer in secrecy

The light and the dark is the omen

of what lies submerged

forgetting all that is


It remains untouched within us.


Tao Te Bierce #1

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