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  1. TaoBum Love

    peace out
  2. Global Revolution!

    Joeblast, from what I read on the forum you are a great practioner. Some of the posts you write on here are great. Now on here I see this political lower drab stuff here of a lower vibration. It is pontificating feces dude. Politics isn't the answer. Well peace guys... time for my 36 hour trip.
  3. Chi In Nature Taoism and Mak Tin Si

    butter side up... butter side down... It is all off topic. If I had my way this debate would get moved to the pit, that is where all political refuse epically belongs. But I don't. Anyone have anything to say specifically about the Chi-In-Nature scam?
  4. Skills

    *taps wrist* *points at eyes with index and second finger* *grabs ear* *holds nose* *shows pinky as though he were gesturing the number one with his index finger*
  5. Knowledge

    I see your schwartz is as big as mine.
  6. Over weight qigong masters?

    Course Sammo Hung is fast... Why not?
  7. Anyone seeking TRUE power

    LOL! What about Doctor Strange? He can control matter/energy of all the elements!
  8. Police are entertainers

    You have my vote. A friend of the d*vil is a friend of mine. What do we call the uprising?
  9. Global Revolution!

    Did you guys check out the links? They are against corporate greed and are moving for economy based upon the "NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE". They are also non-violent, it seems the police are still being brutal anyway according to live feed.
  10. Knowledge

    Typo. I had some information on it, yet didnt want to just post it on a forum. So, to anyone who wants that information as complicated as it is can be made readily available by PM. No, I meant the only way my information on it is available through PM. This was frustrating because I swear the post is not the same that I pasted from the notepad file on my computer I wrote. This was a path I took, I was orignally disgruntled with religion itself. So I took the time to comb over previous posts to ensure that the post reflected what I had meant. I did not mean for such a misunderstanding about what I had said. I document everything I write. Rarely do I ever ad-lib a post.
  11. Knowledge

    Greetings Meow, Personally my history is complicated. To paint a picture, when growing up I was part of a destructive cult. It took time and energy, I worked my way up through the cult regurgitating their so-called truths. Once I was in a position to free myself from it, I did. It took fifteen years to free myself and my parents and find enough evidence to convince them that it was nothing but a destructive cult. Today, none of my previous beliefs I once held form a base in my new perception of reality. Needless to say if given the chance, I could be called apostate by many religions. Moral of the albeit brief story? Only that to seek Knowledge that you will, an awareness beyond texts you will need. For religious texts may hint to higher knowledge. Just the same, some close awareness off to seeing things as they are by default. I know I am throwing you a curve ball here. Each religion has a different perception and distinction of reality. It is all covered in: This post here. Experience is the only thing between you and understanding what is fake. Though methods may seem like trickery. The only way to follow the complicated "no path" quest is to PM me.*edit*I was sure I had written: For more information on following "no path" please PM me. This slightly unnerved me because I swear I did not write the striked out text. I will provide you with a link, though it is based upon understanding intuitive abilities, it is the only way to seek what you wish be being able to discern from religious texts (most of what is, seems to be inheirently tainted as such). Along with a brief monologue of what is not covered by the link. Kudos for trying this huge and difficult undertaking. No, all religions are not completely truthful. Neither do they lead to the same result. The only thing that leads to the same result is the need to dominate. The distinctions of atman/anatman are information written down by someone who studied texts and had no clear knowledge of what it means to have reached these realities. I am not making this "wrong" by my words. I am simply saying that much is missed because the persons who wrote about it did not experience it. This disqualifies them from providing real information for people who wish to find an answer to it. It does provide fundamental information on tenets and vehicles with which to try to accomplish said realities. However, to be totally apostate on the matter from an energetic perspective it is... sorry to say... perfectly worthless. I say this because the written materials on these subject do provide the qualities that the writers could imbue with the subject. Vedantic writings and Buddhist writings the same are great by their own merit and provide meaning according to the precepts and vehicles inheirent to their own distinctions. Vedantic being percieving through non-dual means and Buddhism through knowledge, compassion and awareness. By their own merits they are not wrong and in these respects that they seek truth they are not wrong by these measures. Writings are only wrong when you seek other truth other than what the original writer could possibly imbue them with. Yet to understand that, you have to understand the different perspectives, hence why you should read my *edit*post I linked to above. I should have provided complete explanation an tenure as to why I was not making a religion "wrong" so to speak. If someone chooses to find fault with my words, thinking that that was an attack on the religion itself, they did not read and fully understand my words.
  12. Knowledge

    thought I would throw in some humor
  13. Over weight qigong masters?

    The brain is a great thing, yet not when it comes to cultivation. Most texts do in fact mention that Energy flows through non-fat areas. (Do not misteak this to mean polyunsaturated fats). I cite the Yi yin jing and the xi sui jing. Opinions are like Onions. The more you cut and peel the more pungent and more it stimulates the tear ducts. Finally when we cant see because of the tears we try to finish or give up. Over the years having brushed shoulders with teachers I have seen a lot. Students look for self validation on different levels due to their teachers or even their peers. Bruce teaches meditation through stilling the mind. Seems like he has an understanding of the mind. That is non-opinion through understanding different "ways". That is all I know.
  14. TaoBum Love

    everyone does. Course then again the people who think they dont deserve it are kind of hard to crack.
  15. The So-called "Tree of Life" has been debunked

    Some people believe since God is everything, God blew up.