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Greetings in Light from Greece

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Hi to everyone


My name is John, I am a spiritual seeker for many years. I used to practice martial arts in the past. Lately, my martial arts training has led me to the Buddhist world and especially to yoga (the serious stuff...not the new age thing...), Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism to a lesser degree. And there, in the teachings of mahamudra and Dzogchen something stirred in me. I found a system both practical and which really speaks to my heart. I still do not have any mind-blowing experience but at least for the last couple of years I have a system that I can really practice and that I really feel it is the right one. I can even understand it on a neuro-scientific basis....well...most of it....


I have read hundreds of books (my library boasts over 2500 titles ! ) and even though I did not found the truth in there, I believe I found some marvelous roads to it.


May all of you reach the destination you want.


If I can be of any help to you I will do my best to be worthy.



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