Twelve Sacred Meditations of Unity

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I promise you if you meditate on these words on a daily basis you will experience what it means to ascend. Just read and look inward, look inside of you and FEEL the truth of these words resonating within. By committing your consciousness to their frequency you will raise your energetic vibrational level and know what it means to be truly free, peaceful, and One.


First Meditation:


I affirm that my true self is spirit, is not contained within the limits of my body, had no beginning, will never end. This thing that I am is a subtle thing, underlying my ego and my sense of personal self. It is of such dimensions that I constantly must strive to understand it. It is not my body, it is not my name, it is not the identity by which the world knows me. It simply exists, unchanged by the ever-changing scenes of life, unaltered by any coloring that my ego may give it. This is my true Self, and I long to know it. I still the questions and imagined hurts, the vain goals of the ego. I slide deep within myself to a pool of consciousness that rests forever in absolute stillness. In a center as small as a pinpoint, I find infinity. I look inward, and there is God. All is contained in this center of consciousness. Smaller than the small is this pinpoint, yet vaster than the vast. Here I know myself. I center in God, become detached from my personal ego. From this vantage point I am able to look upon all things with love. I observe my ego as a person apart, with understanding but with control. I see that I never was what I thought I was, nor was I ever different than what I truly am. My consciousness is the consciousness of God. I declare my unity with Him. I exercise no will in the things and events of my life, but concentrate always on attunement with the purpose of god. Insofar as I succeed in this I cannot fail, for God's purposes surely will be realized. I subject my ego, I yield my will, I attune myself to the power that flows heavenward throughout the universe.


Second Meditation:


I search for the secret of life in depths of my soul. I retire inward, away from the noises and distractions of the world. In hidden depths of darkness and peace I find a core of my being that rests in absolute repose. There is no motion, no desire, nothing to be hoped for, nothing to lose. All roads, all paths meet and unite here. I am the center of the universe. Time and space are contracted to a moment on a pinpoint. Planets and stars, the universe itself, are contained in me. I sense all things to be myself, myself to be all things. That which lives within me, at the very core of my being, is that which lives in all others. Only one thing is at work throughout creation, only one thing lives in all creatures. This is God. I surrender my ego, give up my will, give over my life and its works to Him. I recognize that it is He who wills in me, thinks in me, acts through me. I shed my ego, divorce myself from any notion of an isolated self. I open wide the doors to the power that flows heavenward throughout the universe. I sense this power pouring through my being, molding, sustaining, lifting my life. I become an instrument for the work of the Lord. No more do I impose my will upon the world and its people. Always I seek the will of God and attune to it. By becoming one with the will of my Creator I attain to all power, for the purposes of God will not be denied. Each day of my life I seek the support of my vast Self. I discipline myself against the strident longings and desires of the ego. I seek no personal glory or profit, but perform all tasks for the Lord, knowing that He is the task, the performer, and the taskmaster. All solace, all profit, all glory, I find in him.


Third Meditation:


All about me I see the infinite, eternal movement of God. In the surge of the sea, the flux of the tides, the precise patterns of the heavens, I see the purpose and presence of the Creator. He knows where He is going. All things, past, present, and future are apparent to Him. In His infinite wisdom He sees immediately the thing to be done and the perfect method of doing it. Therefore I turn over all my actions to Him. No longer will I be guided in my daily tasks by the willful promptings of the ego, but instead I turn inward to the very center of my being and listen for the will of God. He is the master and the mover of my works. He is all that is, and I am being of His being, power of His power, conscious only of Him. No more shall I hunger after the fruits of my labor. They belong to God, and I renounce all desire for them. I know that God never blunders, that He never is indifferent, and when it appears that I have failed in some immediate aim, I know it is only to prepare myself in the end for some rarer joy, some truer delight. I open myself to universal power and joy. I declare there is no limitation, no lack, no malfunction in my life. A perfect power is governing all my affairs, pervading my very body. I identify myself with that which is all-powerful, all-perfect. I throw off the limitations, hurts, and frustrations of the finite ego. In the depths of my being I am no longer a name, a past, a place. I am pure spirit, infinite, eternal, all-encompassing. That which I truly am I can never cease to be. I cast aside ego, become one with my Creator, live in the light and the love of the Lord.


Fourth Meditation:


I acknowledge the existence of the Divine, and I dedicate my life to Him. I focus my mind on God each waking moment, seeking his presence, longing to know him. All that I am, my work, my thoughts, my very being, I consecrate to the Divine. In Him I have my existence. I see His hand in every flower, bush, tree, created thing; the warmth of His presence is everywhere. Into whatever dangers I go, by whatever roads I travel, He is there. He is my comforter and guide, I surrender my life to him, forsake myself, take refuge in the Supreme. No longer will I struggle with the events and forces of the world. I accept them, see them as the divine will working out the thing that needs to be done. I join forces with God by surrendering to Him my human hopes and aspirations. I attain ascendancy over my mental and material mind, over my individual ego, by making a sacrifice of all my works, my goals, my thoughts and dreams. I see that all of his life is a sacrifice to the divine. Through all the confusion and struggle of ego against ego, He works serenely toward His ultimate purpose. Nothing is lost, nothing destroyed, for in reality there is nothing but God. Upon the altar of His presence I lay my action, my thoughts, my emotions, my will. By consecration, surrender, by sacrifice of personal will and vanity, I enter into a state of pure adoration for that which is true and eternal. Love grows in me as the ruling passion of my life, for it is my longing to be reunited with my Universal Self. I know all things by my oneness with them. They are me; I am they. We are fused, united, bound together by divine love.

Fifth Meditation:


No matter the chaos in the outer world there is within me a place of utter quiet and absolute repose. Here, in the center of my consciousness, my soul meets and unites with God. Here I know my true self, a spiritual being that is infinite and eternal and untouched by the harassments of the world. In time of trouble and trials I turn within, and my heart and mind and energies are restored. In the quietness of my room, in my study, during a solitary walk I let my consciousness drift to the place of pure being, to that eternal “I” that dwells in all bodies. No time and space are there, no separateness, no isolation. All is unity, infinite and eternal. There is perfect love, perfect wisdom, perfect serenity, perfect peace. There is no struggle, no pain, no sorrow; these cannot exist where separateness and time are not. I see my kinship with all things, with all people, with all creatures. Envy and hate, vanity and greed are but errors of the ego which I banish from my life. I live in the consciousness of God. I am equal-souled to all things, for I am neither better nor worse than any person who lives. I kiss the feet of beggars, shake the hand of kings, and it is always the feet of God I kiss, the hand of God I shake. I banish intolerance, for how can I be intolerant of that which is made by my Father and in which my Father dwells? I view all creatures, all beings with love, for in them I perceive the Divine. I motivate my life with givingness, with tolerance and humility, with love. I banish fear, and peace of mind is mine.

Sixth Meditation:


I accept my body as a manifestation of spirit. Spirit created it, spirit moves it, spirit sustains it. I know this spirit to be greater than myself, to be an all-encompassing, divine Presence that inhabits all creatures, that pervades the universe. My heart beats, my tissue lives in response to some perfect order, some supreme harmony, some absolute power. I need not command the organs of my body to function. Health is mine, perfect function is mine by the simple surrender of my will to the Divine. Yet I recognize that the power of decision remains with me, that I may take a stand, choose a way, and that universal spiritual power will then lead me on the path that I have chosen. I therefore assert that I retain no hidden memories of pain in my subconscious. I bring up from the dimly remembered depths of mind all those memories that prompt in my consciousness feelings of hate, bitterness, anger, and fear. These negative emotions I cast out of my life forever. By aligning myself with God, by identifying my being with His, by becoming one-souled with all things and all beings, I depose all negative emotions and enshrine reason in their stead. Reason and attunement lead me down life’s most hazardous paths with perfect composure and absolute surety. Because of attunement my body functions in harmony with all nature. There is perfect assimilation for there is perfect integration. There is perfect circulation for there is complete freedom. There is perfect elimination for there is absolute utility. I follow the path of joy, for that is the road to attunement. I seek laughter, for in laughter all bonds disappear. I believe in the great and good ends of life and of man, and this optimism rules my existence, leading me into inner peace, perfect attunement, strength, health, and vigor.


Seventh Meditation:


I affirm my love for God, and in that love I perceive the truth of God’s eternal love for me. I affirm the presence of the Divine within me, and in the knowledge of that Presence I sense myself secure forever, enfolded in ever-lasting arms. The nature of love is the nature of God; it is the eternal longing of His parts to be integrated once again into One. Accordingly, my knowledge of god depends upon my love for God; and inasmuch as this love possesses me, I possess it and am illumined. Therefore I consecrate my life, every fiber of my being to the Divine. I give all, ask back nothing. Yet what I give from my small self, that which is incomplete and finite and microscopic, must in the end be returned to me a hundredfold from that which is whole and entire and infinite. All about me I perceive the manifold forms of the Divine, and I perceive Him dwelling in each. There are no different selves in the universe, but one Self only, one sense of being, one awareness, one I, which is always and eternally God. When I love another, it is god I love. When I perceive in each form the Presence that inhabits all forms, then I know the Divine and in that knowledge I love all and my love is complete. No longer do I rail against loneliness, for God is within me. No path is too solitary, no way too deserted that I may not take it with the joy and knowledge of the companionship and comfort of the Divine. He guides my every step. He leads me in all ways. His love working through me draws my mate to me, cements our relationship, crowns our union with joy. His love working through me attracts friends, makes of my life a testimony to His warmth and everlasting compassion.


Eighth Meditation:


There is power within me which I can use to over-come all obstacles, solve all problems, a power that flows from the farthest reaches of the universe, out of the infinite, omnipotent mind of God. I give over my work, its progress and path, to Him. Only He knows the real purpose and actual nature of the things I do and the goals I aspire to. Only He can chart a perfect course to the destined shore. No longer do I allow my little self to direct my life and work, for in such egoistic blindness there is only suffering. It is knowledge I seek, and joy, and I find them through serving the Divine. No matter the negations I encounter, I see beyond them, perceive their other face. All serve a purpose, each is a step in spiritual development, each may be overcome by an inner perception that springs abundance out of lack, expansion out of limitation, success out of failure, victory out of defeat. I know that God is all things at all time; therefore I affirm the positive. By divine alchemy I call forth good from evil, not because I will it, but because I perceive it, because I know that God reveals to the individual soul that which his consciousness is able to perceive. My consciousness surpasses the limitations of ego, soars out to encompass all beings, all life. I affirm my knowledge of god’s manifold expression, and I accept only good as befits my spiritual stature. Success is mine, victory, progress, abundance, and joy.

Ninth Meditation:


I search the inner depths of my consciousness for the haven of refuge where god and I meet and become one. The noises and insistencies of the clamoring world fade away, and I retreat ever deeper, through planes of being and awareness to a place of utter repose, of absolute bliss, of complete unity, where all barriers are removed between myself and the Divine. I lose myself in Him, and in that losing I find my greater Self; He takes my being and makes it an instrument of His purpose and His power. Through my mind and spirit course the restless surging energies of God, ever unfolding, dynamically illustrating the manifold sides of His nature. Whatever impinges itself upon my awareness has a delicate and mystic meaning, and I am conscious that each thing, event, idea is but a partial revelation of a hidden and magnificent truth. To the emergence of this truth I dedicate myself, for I know that concealed in the heart of each creature is the incarnate God; through expressing Him I discover myself. To be is to be a part of God; but to grow is to become God. To that growth, to that becoming I consecrate my life. The apparent duality of my being I surrender as partial truth. I know that my true self is the Self of the Divine, the one Self that pervades the universe, that inhabits every being, that looks out of the eyes of every man. Through allowing this Self to work through my nature I truly become creative. I am instrument of the ultimate artistic sensibility. I know that each soul aspires to union with its Creator, that each seeks for a sign of that union through beauty, knowledge, love. By knowing the Divine and loving the Divine I am assured that His power will work through me to illustrate to the world the divinity of man.


Tenth Meditation:


Youth is growth, and growth is the measure of receptiveness to learning. I therefore open my mind and my heart to the power for life that pervades the universe, I open my soul to God. He sustains my being, He uses me for His ends; in him I center myself, through Him I attune to life’s purpose. There is a place of pure spirit at the center of my soul that is timeless, spaceless, and ageless. I anchor myself there. I resign all attachment to body and ego. These are but instruments of the divine. His spirit is not altered by entering a particular body, is not changed by the delusions of any ego, but remains always one and indivisible, above suffering and pain and effort and strife. Infinite serenity and omnipotence mark Divine spirit, and they are qualities of my potential self, for divine spirit dwells within me. It is God in me who saves me from the flesh, who preserves me from death, who gives me immortality. It is God in me who is strong, wise, omnipotent. I clear the channels between myself and Him, displace the ego, make it subservient. My life takes on the luster of him who guides it. Joy accompanies me on every quest for I know that I shall find growth and wisdom. What strain, what struggle, what pain and hardship can there possibly be in this life that is but an infinitesimal second in the eternity of existence? Never born, never dying, never aging, the spirit within me keeps me young forever.

Eleventh Meditation:


Behind the world of the senses are higher planes of consciousness where the true causes of things exist. I affirm that these higher planes are within me, that my destiny is to know them, that they will reveal themselves to me insofar as I surrender my being and will and purpose to God. I know that the truth of objects is not completely revealed by my senses, that there is hidden significance in all things. I know that in actuality there are no inanimate objects, that each thing consists of arrested consciousness. I know this consciousness proceeds out of the mind and being of God, and that in its pure form it is idea only, awareness only, similar, even identical to my own. Therefore I affirm my oneness with all things. In all I perceive the indwelling Presence. He resides in the tree, the flower, the bird, the beast, in my neighbor. He is the observer that sits in the center of each creature, who is never restricted by the restrictions of form. I am not I in a true and real sense, but my consciousness is the consciousness of God. Where I fail to expand to meet this awareness there I limit myself to the form and circumstances of ordinary life. Therefore I take refuge in the body and being of God. I stand apart from my own strivings and concerns and desires and am not identified with them, but watch them. They are not me; they are the warp and woof of life’s longing for itself, the inevitable result of conflict and aspiration and effort and failure, and though I exist in the midst of all and participate in all, still I am not touched, and by that very detachment there is unloosed through my nature the power and the purpose of the Divine. His vaster being, His greater consciousness manifest through me.


Twelfth Meditation:


I resign the dominion of the ego and surrender my life to God. I renounce the priority of sensual stimuli and find within my own nature the power to originate thought, feeling, action. No longer do I exist as reflex to events around me, but now I take up that larger existence that descends from higher planes of mind and spirit. I ally myself with first cause, I identify myself with God. I make my life a living sacrifice to Him, surrendering each of my thoughts, feelings, and actions without desire for their fruits. No longer am I enamored of the vain desires of the ego. Fame and money and applause are not ends in themselves, and when sought are such traps from which pain and suffering eventually ensue. I penetrate within myself to that core of consciousness that is pure being. There I take refuge, turning away from all strident demands of the beckoning of the surface self, yielding my identity to God. Yet I do not lose it. My “I” remains, is not engulfed, but now takes on greater awareness, an eternal significance. I expand outward from the center of myself, beyond all horizons, beyond all limitations, seeking to include that which formerly included me, so that I may know God not only by penetrating Him but also by containing Him. Thus I am led to a mystic resolution of myself with the Divine, and He and I become one. By special deputation from above I am forthwith able to live a divine life upon earth. I seek not to change that which is ordained, but only to understand, to possess identical consciousness with all, and in that identical consciousness to act in accordance with divine will, equal-souled to all results, existing always above the conflict, secure in the knowledge of union with god.

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When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.

john muir

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