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Desert Eagle

How I feel after qigong

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Wow very good synchronicity. I was watching the buu saga for the first time because some shallow kids in the past said it sucked. Then I stopped for a while then zerostao posted that clip so I continued and reached episode 239 "The Evil of Men" and so far this saga was actually very psychological for me during my meditation.


*spoiler alert* so after all the fighting training in the previous sagas equivalent to years of tai chi or hatha yoga it is time for long meditation and deep insight. Buu represents the dormant subconscious having a childlike nature with infinite possibilities and powers. Then in 239 he learns good and evil and experiences a separation.


Meanwhile Gohan does a long meditation to unlock his hidden power so the whole theme of this saga is to unlock your hidden powers. Then the grand kai shocks him by responding to his thoughts, a form of telepathy and showing the motion of thoughts. Also, the fusion training is about integration and consolidation.


I tried to feel out the locations of peoples minds in the house and neighborhood like what Goku does when he searches for the instant transmission. That kind of meditation felt good and might help my awareness.


Well I'll continue watching and enjoying the deep messages while meditating.

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