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Hello Everyone,


It is a delight for me to have this connection to each of you through Tao Bums.


I am looking to make a connection with a highly skilled and experienced healer who has grounded theoretical knowledge into energy systems as well as organic wisdom and clear vision of the subtle bodies.


An example of such an individual may be someone who has training or theoretical knowledge of a discipline such as chinese medicine, aryuveda, anthroposopy; is also able to see and control their energy to the level at which they can affect the physical constitution of a body such as to reset bones, shift organs or move chi to heal disease; and who is grounded in their existence with kindness. Or, if someone is extremely well versed on either end of the theoretical or experiential spectrum only, so to a degree that they could be considered either an academic of sorts, or an exceptional healer with actual results, please do help me make this connection.


My purpose is for discourse, sharing and/or mentorship.


If you or someone you know is so, please contact me so that I may have an opportunity to become acquainted.


Thank you so much for considering my thoughts here. I am delighted to be a part of this forum and hear from each and every one of you. Mila

You would be wanting to talk with Michael Lomax aka Ya Mu. Contact him via his profile:



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