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Taoist from MA

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Well, I've been looking far and wide for a place on the web where I can connect with other fellow Taoist's and it looks as if I've found my new home, I'm so pleased to meet you all and I'm very excited to be here. I consider myself a "Taoist Initiate", I'm new to the way of life and find that day by day I'm making myself a better person who is as "at peace" with the world as I think I've ever been, I'm excited to grow and learn more of this lifestyle as well as read more books based on Toaism and am even thinking of seeking out Alex Anatole for more guidence.


Hopefully there are lots of great people here to talk to and I look forward to joining discussion with other Taoist Initiate's and Master Taoist's alike, this truly is an exciting time in my life. :)

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