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  1. What kind of Taoist do you believe yourself to be?

    I think after a little more reading and some more studying both on here and through books I will be able to consider myself a Taoist Journeyman, I feel as if I'm learning more and more everyday and that the meditiation is helping me and cleansing me in ways I can't really explain. But then again, nobody can really explain the Dao....
  2. Taoist Philosophy - Conversations VII

    Another great post Marblehead, keep them coming! These have become some of my favorite posts to look forward to when coming here, they actually give you a little food for thought despite having never really taken place, it still makes for a fun and interesting read thought.
  3. Taoist Philosophy - Conversations IV

    "Fortunately for you", replied Lao Tan, "you did not meet one of those rulers who want to put the world in order. The Six Classics that you speak of are but like footprints left by the ancient kings, and not the persons from whom the footprints come." The above is my favorite line from this offering, I enjoyed the entire post but this specific line really got me thinking about all literiture that is hundreds of years older than we are and whether or not what we read is what the original author had really written.
  4. Do you think we are Alone in the Universe?

    Eh, I'm of the opinion that earth is the only planet with any intelligent life on it and if there is anything else on other planets the creatures are not human-like and aren't evolved like humans are. I have nothing concrete to base those opinions on but it's just how I've always looked at the universe as a whole, I just think that if there was concrete proof of other beings alive in the world that we would know of it it by now instead of National Inquirer photo's and whatnot.
  5. Meditation on the beach.

    Well, I'm back from vacation and I really enjoyed my stay at the beach and I made sure to get in a couple of really good bouts of meditation, it was relaxing and quite healing in a way. The first period of meditation took place in the evening, around 7:00, and I sat on a rock overlooking the ocean and meditated for about 20 minutes, when I was done I read the first 10 entries in the Tao Teh Ching. The 2nd period of meditation took place at night on the same rock overlooking the great sea, I did about 15 minutes of meditation and read another 10 entries of Master Laozi's Tao Teh Ching. When I was done I sat there and stares at the half moon and thought about some great people I once knew who are no longer around, people like my father and a close friend of mine who passed last year due to addiction to heroin. I cried a little bit when I was done and felt vulnerable, but I felt good after a while and somewhat cleansed in many ways.
  6. Taoist Philosophy - Conversations IV

    He could have lost his sense of humanity for a brief period of time and in doing so felt that teaching the ways of humanity to others would brand himself slightly hypocritical?
  7. Taoist Philosophy - Conversations IV

    I wonder if Confucius and Lao Tzu ever truly had any discussions with each other during their lifespans, or if they've even heard of each other through word of mouth? I'm kind of ignorant to that whole era of living so I don't even know if they even existed within the same period of time as each other, but its certainly something I would like to learn. Confucius could have learned a lot from Master Lao Tzu back in those days, heck, anyone who had the chance to even talk to Lao Tzu could have learned a lot from him by just making communication with him, sometimes I wish I was alive back in those days if not just for the conversations alone.
  8. Meditation on the beach.

    One of my favorite things in the world is hearing the sound of the ocean and the sweet crash of the waves against the rocks, since I'm going to be on vacation starting tomorrow I figured I would take the time to meditate by the ocean and let go of my troubles and find tranquility through deep meditation by one of the most relaxing places that I know of. I'm really excited for this and I was actually wondering how many of my fellow taoists meditate by the beach or ocean as a part of their normal routine? I will not be very active over the next several days so I just wanted to say thanks for everything everone does here at the Tao Bums and I look forward to coming back and discussing my thoughts on experiencing meditation by beachside. Take care!
  9. Why should I study the I Ching

    I think once I have a full grasp on Tao Te Ching I will probably move on to a copy of I Ching, I think that anything that has to do with Daoism should be studied and learned since you never know when you may need it down the road. There are lots of Masters both here and elsewhere in the world that have used the knowledge within the I Ching and it wouldn't hurt to brush up on it I suppose. I certainly will be.
  10. The Significance of Taoist Virtue

    I just read the initial post within this thread and am totally blown away, wow, that was quite the read and I got to say that I agree with quite a bit of it if not all of it. Great topic, I truly believe that the Tao and virtue are both intertwined if not linked to eachother, especially since the Tao and virtue both exist within all concrete things.
  11. Motivation vs Concentration/Focus

    Everybody encounters lack of motivation or concentration from time to time, it's a part of life, but when it happens to me sometimes a simple glass of water will put me back on track. I know that sounds weird but water seems to highten my concentration, if I'm doing some creative writing and am trying to really make a dent into what I need to do but I find my attention drifting I will usually grab a tall glass of water and take a few sips and before you know it I'm off and writing again. This won't work for everyone of course but it seems to do the trick for me, but personally, I believe motivation to be a huge key when it comes to concentration because if I've got nothing to motivate me when I will surly have a tough time keeping my focus on the activity at hand.
  12. [TTC Study] Chapter 44 of the Tao Teh Ching

    "Fame or life, which is more intimate"..... Well, fame of any kind brings a lot of people into your life and if that's okay with someone then maybe that's what they would consider to be their "intimacy", but for me I would much prefer "life" because I can make of it what I chose instead of having other hands in my bowl of M&M's....if you catch my drift. Just food for thought. Also, my copy of Tao Te Ching has it listed as the following.... "Which is more important, you honor or your life? Which is more valuable, your possessions or your person? Which is more destructive, success of failure? Because of this, great love extracts a great cost and true wealth requires greater loss. Knowing when you have enough avoids dishonor, and knowing when to stop will keep you from danger and bring you a long, happy life."
  13. What kind of Taoist do you believe yourself to be?

    Thank you Stan, maybe once I feel I've reached a level I'm comfortable with as I pertains to The Way I may go ahead and check out those books you recommended. As for the poll, 21 people have voted so far! Wow! Keep it up dear friends.
  14. [TTC Study] Chapter 44 of the Tao Teh Ching

    Great lesson and a fantastic passage. I've learned a long time ago when to stop in certain situations when I found myself fall into some trouble due to personal greed and the desire of possessions, with that said, we all desire things but I think we need to prioritize and strip ourselves down to the core to define these priorities. I've done that and I've decided that the love of my family and personal health has become the most important thing in my life and material possessions have become a much lower priority over the past several years.