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  1. Money

    Money is just a modernized way of hunting for a meal. I abhor spirituality that preaches against money. If you want to read a good book on money read 'Richest Man In Babylon.' Free on Google. Best book I've ever read on the subject and it deals directly with the subject. Very clear principles.
  2. Reincarnation and you!

    An akashic record reading is good for getting an understanding of your past lives. You can also connect to it yourself which can be really fun. A genuine reader can put you on the right track. Then you can check them for yourself to confirm. That's a subject I have always been curious about is past lives. When I had a reading done one of my most memorable characters, was I was told I had been a pirate in a past life. I almost didn't take him seriously until I checked it myself. All you have to do is connect to your subconscious and keep your conscious mind from interfering. I saw this middle eastern looking guy. Not what I was expecting for a pirate, but that's a sign I was on the right track. He had this scimitar which I thought was a middle eastern weapon also, but then I later found out scimitars were commonly used by pirates.
  3. Tibetan Buddhist resources on sale

    Oh that's a baseball player. What a funny funny name. I thought the guy was trying to sell masturbation jerseys.
  4. Tibetan Buddhist resources on sale

    Well, at least this is relevant spam. Much better than some bullshit about tug mcgraw jerseys
  5. Beginners mind

    Incredible post, I'm glad I read this. I started trying to keep my mind empty last night and I love it. I noticed when I do it while meditating the time goes by very quickly. I also noticed this morning while trying to keep my mind empty, that I can more easily see what is arising with no thoughts to distract me. It's even fun to practice.
  6. Sitting in Full Lotus

    NICE! That's an excellent achievement. I usually just sit regular cross legged, but it gets to be hell on the outward protruding ankle bone after a while. I'm inspired to start doing some of those stretches. You learn the stretches from Youtube? I saw something on that a while ago, but at the time I didn't really think much about it. Shit like this is inspiring and deserves a thread of its own. Otherwise it gets lost in all the bullshit of big threads. Fuck the haters.
  7. Sleep

    I noticed the exact same thing. When I would meditate or practice tai chi I was able to wake up easier/earlier without a fuss from my body. Sometimes when I would wake up earlier I noticed that I felt different but in a good way. That stopped happening for me though. I guess it could have to do with how I trained myself.
  8. What do you think of this?

    What you just said right there is surrendering. Waiting for it to pass is surrendering. It's not a magic pill that is going to take anything way. You'll still feel pain, but you accept that it is there. You won't be wishing for a different circumstance which leads to suffering. You do what you can(Like taking painkillers), but you ultimately can't do anything and have to accept whatever comes. Even if you don't accept it, it is still going to be there. It doesn't mean that you are not going to feel the sensation of pain though. Surrendering is acknowledging the fact that you are completely and utterly fucking screwed to whatever circumstance you find yourself in. Some things you can control and some things you cannot. Surrendering takes away the burden of having to change something. I saw this video a while ago on pain and it is about surrender. Maybe it will help you, maybe it won't. Whatever. Kind of an odd synchronicity that he talks about dental pains in the video though.
  9. What do you think of this?

    I've seen this before, but I didn't get as far last time because I saw they were a cult member of Desteni. I made it to 1:48 this time. I'm not going to let their propaganda brainwash me. I stopped after she started talking about the 5 year old girl getting her leg blown off and that the 5 old should not surrender to what is. Worst advice you can give someone. That shows me she don't know what she's talking about, she just wants to say what sounds good. No matter what seemingly deadly situation you find yourself in you should surrender. You go blind...surrender You're paralyzed...surrender You lose a friend...surrender You have a chronic illness...surrender Your leg gets blown off...surrender. If you can't grow a new one, then hating the situation is only creating suffering. If you can't change what is, then you are only creating suffering for yourself. To hate the situation you find yourself in is ludicrous when you can't change it. Might as well accept and surrender. Surrendering is good for all situations. Good for all ages. In my opinion, the video is bullshit and that's because in my experience the power of surrender is a very potent practice for anyone. To discourage surrender is telling someone to suffer. It can make you have good days for months weeks straight.
  10. Mental Connections

    I had it happen once. Nothing to prompt it, their energy just shot through my mind, and I had this overwhelming feeling they were talking about me.
  11. I finally understand that saying, "Love your enemy." I always thought that was the stupidest saying in the world because I didn't understand it. I guess that's the problem with all sayings. Never accept them on blind faith. Come to your own understanding of them. The problem with hating your enemy is then it brings that negativity into your own energy field. It makes YOU feel terrible, and life is to short to spend it mired in negativity. The biggest revenge ever, is to spend your time loving your enemies because then they have no power over your mental state. Real positivity makes you feel amazing and care-free. That's a much better way to spend your time here. Being happy. I just had what's called 'ormus' and here's my review...amazing! Really good for meditation. I'm feeling so peaceful and calm right now. It's supposed to enhance your chi along with other things. You can buy it on ebay off of a guy named morningseedlings. Really cool dude. I bought the alchemical full moon formula way back in late june, and he was still willing to help me figure out how to use it after all this time. I feel so lighthearted and care-free right now. When I first tried it I wasn't expecting much. Today's my first try. I noticed how my nose had completely cleared up, and I still have a completely cleared up nose after 30 minutes, lol. Anyway. Feeling awesome. Really positive right now. That's enough from me.
  12. Exactly what you are get mentored is what

    Chuang Tzu said in your "About Me"

  13. What are you listening to?

    Here's what I'm currently listening too.