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Just watched an hour-long documentary that touched upon the work of a contemporary messiah, whose life dedication is to restore the sight of thousands of Nepalese old folks who suffers premature blindness or partial sight loss due to living in high altitudes without proper UV protection.


This is a tribute to Dr. Ruit's immense courage and selfless nature. A man of the people, for the people.


His story touched me deeply, and i hope it will also offer some inspiration to all aspiring genuine healers here.


Wiki bio - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanduk_Ruit

His project - http://www.cureblindness.org/who/dr-sanduk-ruit/


A condensed video of his joyous work -

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There's something rather synchronistic about Dr. Ruit bringing visual clarity to people who live in the highest place on the earth.


What a beautiful soul that man has. He seems to exude joy and gentleness. Thank you for posting that video, CowTao. the fact that he's doing what would be an $8000.00 operation here in the West for nothing is certainly a manifestation of his Christ-like nature. But there's more to him than even that - hard to put a finger on it.


His Boddhisatva nature...

He knows exactly Who He Is.


I think I'll make a donation. Thanks again.

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