Nei Yeh Chapter 15

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For those who preserve and naturally generate vital essence

On the outside a calmness will flourish.

Stored inside, we take it to be the well-spring.

Floodlike, it harmonizes and equalizes

And we take it to be the fount of the vital energy.

When the fount is not dried up,

The four limbs are firm.

When the spring is not drained,

Vital energy freely circulates through the nine apertures.

You can then exhaust the heavens and the earth

And spread over the four seas.

When you have no delusions within you,

Externally there will be no disasters.

Those who keep their minds unimpaired within,

Externally keep their bodies unimpaired,

Who do not encounter heavenly disasters

Or meet with harm at the hands of others.

Call them Sages.

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This chapter has an awful lot of essence to it, if you ask me.


First of all, it intimates that we 'naturally' generate vital essence; this seems to go hand in hand with the wu-wei of not-doing; even if we're doing nothing to help a situation get better, just our presence there will mingle our vital essence into the essence of the situation. We need do nothing.


It also seems like when the calm is there, energy is not depleted.


Where it says that when we have no delusions within us that externally there will be no disasters. This once again says to me that we manifest spirit (Dao) from the inside to the outside. It is the 'I' deep within us. If we have clarified ourselves to the point that there are no more snaggles within us, the perfect energy does flow out. This is the only way this makes sense to me. And, magically, this does keep us from harm. I'm sure we can all come up with instances in our own lives where there were scary near-misses on the freeways, or other instances where by all rights we should have died but didn't. Odd things just happen too often.

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Hi Manitou!


This is something new to me, this Nei-yeh.


I find myself very much identifying with the thoughts

and observations posted.


I find it it be logical that our true inner calm manifests

what our lives become.


I will do some reading up on this so that I have some

knowledge of what this is all about!



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Thank you, Straw Dog! I was feeling pretty lonely here.


This is my first encounter with the Nei-Yeh too; I like it because of the emphasis on inner cultivation. Maybe we can just struggle through this thing together....

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