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  1. What would peace look like?

    Nice story there MH. If we could all be so accepting of life's unexpected qualities,without those of us who are always interested taking advantage of something to gain control. Peace.... is there such a concept we can study that exists within the animal kingdom? I would say that if there is an example we could learn from...then there is the possibility of overcoming the animalistic nature of man and achieving peace. The changes to achieve peace on a worldwide level are daunting. All differences are at issue, anytime one person can point to a difference, they can also claim that they are better than that person because of it. Maybe "peace" is just a concept for us to use as a measure to see where we can do better. What if "peace" is the ability to live within the storm and accept that in this imperfect world we can chose to be the example that others will be inspired by, to emulate and create the change in consciousness needed to make the world a little more peaceful.... even if just one person at a time. :-))
  2. Riding the Ox

    What a Great Idea! Leave it to you Barbara to come up with this! Part of what has always bothered me about esoteric or purely intellectual divinations, concerning our journey whether it be internal or the apparent dichotomy of actually applying what we espouse in thoughts and writings, and actively applying it to our daily lives. More walking the walk, and a heck of lot less talking. Insulated, removed from society....anyone can be the Sage. It is the test of fire, being in the thick of the minions of mindlessness, that truly tests our meddle. Every moment is a lesson, and with this knowledge we begin anew. Control is an illusion, hanging on for the ride on that Ox's back... That is the reality. Without expectation, we live in appreciation of all that transpires. With acceptance of this moment, we desire nothing more and are happy. There is only this moment, and within this moment is our lifetime.
  3. Does anyone else struggle with their Sanity?

    Hya Barb! Just wanted to say... You are such a special individual. I am so happy for your new journey! Life is the Love you share with others. Always be true to who you are... Even when you are in the state of becomming something more. Glad you are so free... I think it suits you! SD
  4. Haiku Chain

  5. zeitgeist

    Rather than a bunch of ego about discussing the thread? Wasn't this supposed to be about Zeitgeist? Happy New Year!
  6. Global Revolution!

    Ralis, as always I appreciate your straight to the point posts. What some people here may not realize is that your voice is the voice of many people that agree with you and are to timid to speak their minds. Thank you for being so forthright. This world is everyone's. The resources of this world belong to everyone. It is the "profit Machine" that are the corporations, that are the true criminals to all of world society. I am amazed that the simple and clear idea of a resource based economy escapes so many supposedly "smart, and educated people" on this site. It is an obvious fact that in order for some people to enjoy wealth, there must always be a group of poor people to exist to supply the material goods of the wealthy society, all the while they themselves living in substandard circumstances. There would be no wealth without the poor. The mentality of "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" is based on the mistaken idea that there exists a true modicum of fairness and equality of opportunity for all. I think most children will recognize that not all people are treated the same. Whether it be their racial heritage, the color of their skin, or their belief system, there are always those that are considered "less than"and treated as such. It is offensive to read people saying that everyone has the same opportunities, what a smug lie for someone with an easy life full of opportunities to say and think of others. I enjoy reading your posts... and I wish you a very good new year!
  7. Haiku Chain

    Maybe someone will, Reach for the Golden apple, Sun, shining so bright.
  8. Haiku Chain

    Its a wee bit cold, Not like the vacuum of space, Silence, standing still.
  9. Global Revolution!

    Interesting page. Interesting information. If people would follow some of these strategies on a global scale there would be quite a bit of change taking place. Unfortunately, most individuals within the societies of the world are brainwashed into believing they are sheep. Thanks for posting this page.
  10. Haiku Chain

    Out the Way we came, The eternal spring within, Distant shore awaits.
  11. Haiku Chain

    Strug'ling to let go.... Head dipping into water, Drowning by the gulp.
  12. Haiku Chain

    Floating high above, Calamity all below, The clouds smile for me.
  13. Haiku Chain

    Live life and just BE! I am now a Butterfly! Floating high above.
  14. Haiku Chain

    Set your true self Free, Live in this Moment right Now, Live life and just BE.
  15. Haiku Chain

    Acceptance ..the key, Find your locks inside of you, Set your true self Free.