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Psychic Larvae

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I just got my IIH book back and began reading through it. I came across this particularly interesting excerpt dealing with psychic parasites.


-I think i can say with ease that all people including myself have gonna through a time where we've been stuck on fears and unable to cut the mental chord that is sapping our energy. The following is about this very issue and i think Bardon has explained it better than anyone else.





"Let us now discuss a different but somewhat related subject which will familiarize us with the so-called larvae.


The difference between an elemental and a larvae is that an elemental is consciously created by the magician, whereas larvae form themselves in the respective mental sphere involuntarily through severe emotional or psychic excitement, regardless of the particular kind of excitement.


The stronger and more severe the excitement, the more mental substance a human being loses and the stronger, more condensed and more viable the larva becomes, especially when one and the same psychic excitement repeats itself often and regularly.


The involuntary formation of larvae in the mental sphere occurs to all human beings whether or not they are magically trained. It does not matter if they are young or old, if they are intelligent or not, or whether the person is knowledgeable about such matters or not.


When the psychic excitement ceases and the person no longer pays any attention to the matter that caused the excitement, the larvae gradually fade away by themselves until they eventually dissolve and vanish completely. Therefore, you find in the mental sphere a continous cycle of the birth and death of larvae caused by psychic excitement, and this is always at the expense of the human being's mental substance.


The cause of such psychic excitement can have many different reasons; usually fear, sorrow, shock, worry, hate, envy etc. are the originators. The shape that a larva assumes depends upon th ecause of the psychic excitement and is always symbolic. Anyone who is knowledgeable on the subject of symbolism will have a clear idea of this.


For example, a thought of love will always be symbolized in the shape of a heart, whereas lightning and arrows are symbols of thoughts of hate. In spite of the fact that larvae, these unwelcome mental inhabitants, cannot be seen by the normal human being, they do exist and a well trained magician has the ability to percieve them on the mental plane.


The mental substance of sensitive or easily excitable people separates much more easily, whether they are magically schooled or not; therefore the formation of larvae is easier and more intensive. People who are inclined that way harm themselves and the health of their nerve energy.


Not only that, in a spiritual respect they even affect others who are are easily influences. All of the various kinds of mass psychosis or hysteria have their origin in this principle.


I do not have to describe in detail how effective such mass hysteria can be; certainly everybody had made his own observations and gathered his own experiences. This leads to the conclusion that the larva becomes stronger the more a person returns to the source of the psychic excitement and the greater attention he pays to it.


When a larva is vary highly condensed and the desire, the drive for self-preservation becomes greater, it will try to expand its life-span as much as it possibly can. It will therefore seize every opportunity to incite the spirit of that particular person in order to return the attention to the source of the excitement and to revive anew.


Such a well-nourished larva can become a doom or catastrophe for oen who is sensitive or easily excitable. And many mental disturbances, such as a persecution complex etc., are the result of larvae.


Many human beings live under the erroneous impression that they are being pursued or destroyed by a black magician, whereas in reality they have simply become pawns to their own fantasy, victims of their own larvae which they themselves have created. These people usually do not realize this until they have left their mortal shell.


There is only a very small percentage of human beings who are magically pursued. These examples should again show the magician why so much emphasis was placed on the importance of introspection, thought control and mastery of thoughts right at the beginning of the practical part of this book. Should the magician, during his development not gain the ability to have his thoughts under his will, he could unknowingly create larvae which might sooner or later cause his doom."


Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

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I just got... Franz Bardon


Weird associations. Gonna read more of this book. :unsure:


It always fascinates me how people can have so many diffrent ways of describing some universal truth of human reality over and over again and the diffrent symbols they put together to explain any concept.


In the past magic was like what science and technology is today. We're unsure of its capabilities, but it still fascinates me. No matter how dangerous it is. One should deal responsible with knowledge, for it is like fire.

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