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Hello. I'm new!

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Hello. My name is Adam. I'm 26 years old, and I've been meditating for almost 3 years. I initially sought meditation as a means of coping with stress--I refused to depend on allopathic poison anymore, e.g., anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, etc., etc. I also sought meditation as a way of perhaps ameliorating or even curing my ADHD and Asperger's, which affect my life on a day to day, second to second basis. I have never been naturally adept at anything--disregarding general creativity--like I am with meditation. Shortly into beginning meditation, I didn't feel heat, but this electricity emanating from my brain. I found that if I pulsed the area around my temples, I could produce this electricity at will. I felt the desire to extend the feeling, trying to make it last for 2 seconds, then 3 seconds, and so on. Now I can extend it as much as I desire, just by thinking it, no temple oscillations needed. About 18 months into meditation I began to understand the heat element. I've grown this steadily since then; I've meditated a few times in the past few months where I've felt more heat than I would from an actual fire burning in front of me. Somewhere along the line, I tried meditating lying flat on a bed, in cruciform, and began breathing heavily, slowly, trying to extract and consolidate chi on every inhale and exhale. This continued for 30-45 minutes, the breaths slowly getting stronger and faster. My entire body went electric with a very intense form of what I felt from my temples. I could feel a disc of energy spinning at my navel area. Each time I took a breath in, I could feel this breath pushing down on the spinning energy like a top, pumping it to speed up. I continued breathing in, pumping and speeding this ring of energy until my hands seemed to magnetize and my fingers collapsed on my palms, the collapse was the strength of a muscle spasm, though without the pain, all the fingers just locked into place, thumb and forefinger up and against one another, both pressing against the middle finger, with all the other fingers pointed down, same thing on each hand, and literally forced into this position. I got up and walked around, finding my legs had been locked up somewhat by energy as well--I was unable to fully extend them. The effect lasted about 10-15 minutes, though I remained in an enlightened state (this floaty, passive, simply observant mentality) for maybe a couple hours after the meditation had ended.


ANYWAY, I'm here because of the MP nei kung system. I want to be a master. I am hoping to find guidance on these forums. Right now I am at Level 1, and I am wondering how I will know when my dantien is full of yang chi. So that's my deal. Any assistance would be infinitely appreciated.

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